Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi Guys!

I’m a 29 year old solo traveller from the UK and would love to join someone for a long trek in Nepal. Quite happy to do any of the popular ones.

I’m really flexible on dates, I was thinking of arriving in Nepal around the 22nd of May and staying for the whole of June. My only restraint is that I have to be in Pokhara by July 1st for a Meditation Course.

Ideally I would like to go on the smallest budget possible but happy to share a guide. I’d also be quite comfortable to go with experienced hikers who can navigate.

I’ve not done any treks on this scale before just a couple of 3/4 day hikes in Patagonia and Peru. I am reasonably fit and can walk at a moderate walking pace although I am in no rush to finish in the shortest possible time!

Happy to meet beforehand and discuss!



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  1. Hey Lynne, I also want to do the circuit, I’m also very flexible, I’m already in Nepal and I have to leave on 8th of July, no more plans besides that, but I think the sooner we start the better, because of the weather. I’ve researched a bit and I really dont think we need a guide unless you go solo. There are good maps, the treks are well marked and for most of the way you will meet other people regularly. Its also because I’m in a low budget, but I wouldn’t do it if I tought it was dangerous. So, let me know what you think!

  2. Hi! I’m Mirko, 25! I will be in Kathmandu on May 16th and I am also planning on doing one or more of the main treks in Nepal.
    My main concern is monsoon season. I would begin, before the monsoon starts, with the ones which see heavy rain early (I believe Everest is one) and then move on to the trekkings which are in rain shadow areas (like the Annapurna, at least part of the trail doesn’t see any rain for what I have understood).
    I would also love to do some trekking in remote regions (like Dolpo, western Nepal) but it seems not possible to make it happen without a guide and partners.
    So, I would start trekking as soon as possible to avoid the rain but I am flexible on dates.
    I also have to be to a meditation retrat in July (in Lumbini).

    I have some experience trekking and camping although never this long. I am fit and can walk at any pace but I prefer to take my time and enjoy the moment.

    Anyway, I still have to really decide what to do.
    My main interest is exploring the non-tourist parts of western Nepal (Bardia, Dolpo, etc.) but in order to do this I will need a partner (i believe the permit forces you to be on a team of at least 2). If you are interested in this kind of trekking we could meet in Kathmandu and talk about it.

    • Hey Mike,
      Are you still interested in doing the trek?

  3. Hi lynne!

    I’m also starting the Annapurna Circuit Trek on the 25th, but actually I’d love to start at CHAME, which means I’ll take some public transportation from Pokhara.

    How are your plans so far?

  4. Hey at the moment i am in Pokhara and looking for a trek. Are you still going??

  5. hi , guys I am too planning for the same . so whats the plan?
    do we need to hire a guide?I am novice for trekking and hiking.
    pls reply

  6. you don’t need a guide until you feel safe without one. The route should be good enough to hike alone..but ofc it depends on your former experiences with heights and condition. If you take the time you need then you should be safe without.

    But also count in that at this time of the year the weather could be quite diverse, so take your time with preparing stuff.