Annapurna Circuit Trek

I will arrive early morning in Kathmandu in May 13th( I come from Barcelona-Spain) My intention is to arrange the permits that morning and to take a bus from Kathmandu to Besisahar . Due to y flight to come back home is May 27th , I have to make shorter the Annapurna Circuit. My budget is cheapest as possible , however I am willing to spend a litlle bit more for some extra comfort along the way . I dont have guide but I would like to share this experience with someone. Itinirary is as follorws

May 13th Kathmandu to Besishar by bus 5hrs and again catch another bus to Jagat 1400m/2hrs.
May 14th Trek to Dharapani 1900m/6hrs.
May 15th To Chame 2670m/6hrs.
May 16th To Pisang 3200m/5hrs (visit upper Pisang and decent to Lower Pisang).
May 17thTo Manang 3540m/6-7hrs via Gheru to Nawal (upper Manang).
May 18th Acclimatizing day (Go high around 3800-4000m and sleep low).
May 19th To Yak Kharka 4000m/4hrs or Ledar 4200m/5hrs (acclimatizing training in the afternoon: go high around 4400 – 4500m and decent).
May 20thTo Thorong Phedi 4450m or High Camp 4950m/3-4hrs (Rest in the afternoon/Save energy for next day which is harder than other days of your trek).
May 21th To Thorong La 5416m to Muktinath 3800m/6-7hrs and after Lunch, catch the jeep travel to Josmom 2700m/2hrs.
May 22th To Beni/Pokhara by bus 6/9hrs.
Mayo 23th Visit Pokhara.
May 24thTo Kathmandu by Tourist bus.



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  1. Hello, i`m Julia from germany and i`ll arrive on 15th. In Kathmandu.
    I`m still planning my route but I thought about a wildwater rafting tour to pokhara and following with a small Panorama tour at annapurna (6 days and max. 3500 m because of altitude sickness).
    Maybe i`ll join you a part. You `ve a strickt and exactly planed tour- do you have experiences with travelling and trecking?!

    • Hallo Julia :). Unfortunately my plan is fixed due to my flights from Barcelona to Katmandu and vice versa. I will arrive in May 13th and I have to leave in May 27th. I have experience traveling alone, in fact I started to travel alone seven years ago, I have visited 9 countries in Asia , 6 in SouthAmerica,USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand , Israel and Kenia as well. I have traveled alone like backpacker and I never had a problem . About trekking I have done some in New Zealand, China , Torres del Paine ( Chile ..ohh God so beatiful) and I’ve done alone . However this time and after reading some news about missing trekkers and murders in Langtang Valley made me think that for this time is better to have a travel buddy and taking care of each other . My plan is described previosly but I am open to listen other options and maybe we can find a solution together 🙂

  2. Hello Paola,
    I will be arriving Kathmandu very late on the 13th, and I’m wondering if there is a way to catch up with you. Your itinerary and budget match up with my own. (I need to be back in Kathmandu by the afternoon of the 28th for a program at a local monastery.) Also, I lived in and have an affinity to Spain.

    I could procure permits and depart Kathmandu on the 14th. Please let me know your thoughts.


    • Dear Brooks ,

      Sorry for the delay in my answer, of course you are welcome to join us . We are two trekkers , might be there is another one who join us but is not confirmed yet. We are going to meet Friday 13th at 9.30 hrs in 327 Thamel hostel, we would like to get the permits that morning and organize the details of our trekking , we would like to leave that afternoon to Besisahar but everything depends of how long takes the preparations.

  3. Paola, I arrive in Kathmandu tonight and am interested in a similar itinerary & budget to yours.
    I have some trekking experience, gained in New Zealand but physically fit.
    Let me know if you’re still looking for a trekking partner

  4. Hi Paola,
    I’ll land to Kathmandu on the 11th from Cambodia and your itinerary looks good for me cos I’m flying back to Italy on May the 29th
    maybe I wanna spend a couple of night more in pokhara after the trek.just let me know if it is okay for you so we can catch up in kathmandu.see ya

    • Yes! We can catch up in Kathmandu in May 12th at 6.00hrs. My intention is to arrange the permits that morning and going to the bus station to take a bus to Besisahar and from there a jeep to Jagat, as I explained previously in my itinerary I need to get in Pokhara at latest May 23 or 24 and from there to return to Kmt. I think our dates fit☺. My budget is shoestring however I am willing to spend a little bit more for a little bit more comfort. If you want to do the same itinerary for Annapurna trekking come with me.

  5. Sounds like a plan!as I said I will be in Kathmandu on the 11th and yes we can go trekking together.let’s fix a place then !where we can catch up.
    so when so you exactly arrive to Kathmandu?and you want leave straight away right?I mean after get the permit.
    I booked a night in 327 thamel hostel ,we can meet there what you reckon?

  6. Hey! I am interesting by your itinerary too! I am already in kathmandou now and i search some partner to trek.the date is ok for mi i would like to go on these days. But after the trek i will stay at pokhara for more time. I spoke with a guide tour before if you are interesting by a guide for the circuit. Tell me if you are interesting. I am in the annapurnas guest house in thamel so we can meet us when you arrive if you want. Bye!

    • Hi Helene,

      Friday 13th I am going to meet with another trekker in 327 Thamel hostel at 9.30hrs , he is interested to do the same, in fact we are going to sort out the permits for Annapurna and organize the details of the trekking, of course you are welcome to join us . We can meet all together Friday at 9.30hrs in the 327 Thamel

  7. I will be a day behind you (arriving late on the 13th) but will try to find a way to meet up.

  8. Hi! Ok thanks! Yes i am interesting! I will be hier friday at 9h30! See you!

  9. Yeah guys let’s meet up at the hostel and we’ll figured out!✌️

  10. Hi paola, I am interested in the trek too! I am already in kathmandu and looking for trekking buddies. Leaving tomorrow is also perfect for me. Sorry for the short notice, I just discovered this website moments ago 🙂
    See you

    • We will meet tomorrow at 9.30hrs at 327 Thamel Hostel, you are welcome definitely. I will meet to Alessandro there, come with us!

  11. Hi! I am sorry i will not be hier tomorrow to meet you because i changed my mind. I go for trekking tomorrow at early morning just with a porter and i will do the all circuit in 16 days. I go alone but maybe we will see us during the trek! I wish you a lot of fun! Enjoy it! Bye!

  12. Paola and crew,
    Thanks getting back to me. I’ve just arrived in Bangkok (via Hong Kong originating in Dallas) and will fly again this afternoon. I’m pretty beat, but I will be up for getting permits and heading out as soon as I can. If possible it will be late in the day on the 14th but could be the 15th.

    I hope you guys connect easily later this morning. Please let me know how you progress. Any information that you learn about the permit process you can give me would be of great help.

    I’ve been in touch with one other guy. If I can get through the permit process smoothly perhaps we can catch up with you. I have your itinerary. Let me know when you start out.

    Happy trails,

  13. Hi there, I am sorry but I will not meet you guys. My plan has changed and I will start from bocara directly, which is much easier for me.
    Have a good one

  14. Hi there, I am sorry but I will not be here today. My plan has changed and I will start from bocara directly, which is much easier for me.
    Have a good one