Annapurna Circuit Trek

I’m planning to start this trek around the 21st of May but my dates are flexible. I am going without porters or guides, and travelling as cheap a possible. We may also do some side trekking if you have the time. I am planning at least three weeks (21 days) for this. I’ve done some trekking before, though nothing compared to this, but it should be ok :). Please let me know if you would like to join!



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  1. Dear Ivan , I dont know if we can meet and do together the Annapurna Trek , (look my post) . My problems is that I have booked already the flights to go there . If you have some flexibility and join with me in May 14th would be great :). I travel as cheap as possible. saludinhos.

    • Hi Paola. I am doing some volunteering, and I am already commited to them. I have to stay at least until the 20th of May, and I’m already cutting it a few days short, but I think they’ll understand. When do you leave Nepal? Maybe you can do some sightseeing first and start the trekking after one week, if you still have enough time?

  2. Hi Ivan :). I have to leave Nepal in May 27th early in the morning 🙁 . So that one means that I have to finish the Annapurna trekk in May 24th in Pokhara and from there retun to Katmandu . That’s why I should start the trek in Jagat at latest in May 14th-15th. It would be great if you can join me :). I am in a good shape but I can adapt my pace to my travel buddy :). Saluditos

  3. Oh, I’m sorry, but I really can’t start before the 21st… I hope you find some one to join you!

  4. Hi Ivan. Like you I’m also really keen on doing this trek, on a pretty tight budget also and keen to get in there before monsoon season. I’ll be volunteering from mid June as well so the timing sounds perfect! I arrive in Kathmandu on the 16th, and plan on heading to Pokara in order to start the trek around the 20th. Still fairly flexible however!