Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hello everyone!

I will be arriving to Kathmandu around April 28th and will hopefully be starting the Annapurna circuit around May 1-2. I would love to have 2-3 adventurous people join in on the fun!

I am not planning on using any guides or porters (cheating). I have quite a bit of experience trekking and think we can handle navigation and planning on our own. I have about a month to spend in Nepal so I am not in a rush but I normally move quickly. That being said I have been living at sea level for the past year and I’m not as acclimatized as I used to be but I’m not too worried!

I typically travel as cheaply as possible but will pay a little extra for some extra comforts along the way. (A couple beers at the end of a long day of trekking are nice)

Please let me know if you might want to come along!




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  1. Hey Sam. I’m in Chitwan at the moment. I will be heading to Pokhara in the 2nd and I’m plannign to start on the 3rd. I’m from Quito-Ecuador (2800 m) but I’ve been living in Australia for 4 years, so altitude might be a bit of a challenge too, but should be alright! . I walk at a moderate pace. I’m as fit as it takes to run 5 ks 3-4 times a week, and then sitting in an office the whole day!. And about budget, I’m the same: cheap traveling, but is always worth it to have a beer. I know that is not the day you are planning to start the trekking, but it’s fine. If I walk quick enough I might catch you on the way 🙂 Cheers. Maria