Annapurna Circuit Trek

This trip is a little last minute, but I’m still hoping to join up with other travelers. I’m currently set to arrive in Kathmandu late May 5th and I’ll be in Nepal for the rest of the month.

I should be ready to trek within a couple days of arrival, but I’m flexible on what day we head out of Kathmandu. I’d probably like to trek from Besisahar to Naya Pul and catch a bus to Pokhara after.

I don’t have a set number of days in mind for this trek and I may be up for a side trip or two. I’d also be up for potentially getting some mountain bikes and riding some of the way down from Muktinath.

I lean towards the frugal side, but extra comforts can be worth the additional cost sometimes. Let me know if you’re also interested in doing this trek around the same time!



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  1. Dear Tina,

    I am arriving from Spain in May 13th , I am planning to do the Annapurna’s trek ( see my post for more information ). I dont want to hire a guide, however I dont want to walk alone and it would be great if a have someone to share this experience. If you are flexible in regards to the dates , maybe we can do it together

    • Hey Paola,

      I’m somewhat flexible, but I’m hoping to start the circuit before May 13th so I can be on it longer. If things don’t work out that way, maybe I can join you on your shorter trek, but I’d still like to try to make plans with trekking partners who want to start the circuit the week I arrive.

      Maybe our paths will cross, but in case they don’t, good luck!

  2. Hello Tina! I am already in Népal where i volunteer. Next week i want to arrive in pokhara and trek! I already have expériences in trekking but not like crazy. What is your budjet for this 16days (i am very low budjet) and what is your level?

  3. Interested in starting the annapurna on sunday too.

  4. Hi ladies, I’ve just arrived in Kathmandu and looking to do the Annapurna trek.

    • I’m looking at doing Tilicho lake if you’re interested as well?!

  5. Hey Tina!
    Arrived in Kathmandu last night and what your doing sounds unreal..looked at a few trek companies but doing it more independently sounds more fun! Hopefully we can meet up an chat before you head off..?!

    • Hi Lisa, you still in Kathmandu?

  6. Hey all, if any of you are in Thamel now and want to meet up today, let me know soon! I’d like to head out of here Sunday or Monday.

  7. Kia ora all!
    I arrive in Kathmandu tonight, and am looking to find like minded people to go trekking with.
    Tina, are you still planning on The Annapurna circuit?