Annapurna Circuit Trek


I am looking for trekking partners for this hike. I am arriving in Kathmandu 4/21 and plan on leaving the next couple days. I am trying to go without a guide and over about 18 days. I have some hiking experience, mainly in the Sierras of California. Let me know if you’re interested!



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  1. Hey Matt, I’m looking to start the Annapurna Circuit within the next week around the same date you are starting. I’m currently doing it alone but am trying to find someone trek with. I arrived in Kathmandu yesterday having spent the last 2 1\2 months in India. Just chilling out in the city and organising myself before I head over to Pokhara and then onto the starting point. Are you interested in doing it together?

    • Hey jem
      I’m in kinda the same position I’m just getting my permits today then ready to go. Would you maybe want to join forces?

    • Hi Jem. I’m looking to leave for the Annapurna Circuit Trek in the next few days. Keen to go independent but would love a trekking partner.. have you left yet, and would you be interested in joining up to start together? Looking to go for about 3 weeks but pretty flexible.

  2. Hallo matt,
    Coming from a 2 1/2 month trip trough south East Asia we arrive at Nepal at 19th of may. We’d like to spent two or three days before starting our trip to Annapurna circuit just to gather information needed.
    We also plan on doing it independent and would be excited to go with a group. I think timewise we should be on the same page. Maybe we can discuss further details.
    Greetings Philipp

  3. Hi Matt,

    I’m really keen to do ACT and looking for some people to do it with. I will be looking to leave sometime late April. I’ve done lots of trekking in NZ and have good fitness. Let me know if you’re interested in doing it together!

  4. Hi all!
    I am looking for a nice low budget trek to do within the week.
    I have no experience or whatsoever with trekking, but I promise I will not be a pain in the ass 😉