Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi there,

I’m Philipp from Black Forest in Germany. Currently I live and work in Munich as a interaction designer for a big web company. In my free time I like snowboarding in winter and cycling in summer. Since my trip to Panama last year, where I hiked the Barú volcano, I’m totally hooked on trekking. So this summer I gonna check out the trails in the german and austrian alps. Anyway one of my live goals is to do spend a longer time in a foreign country and so far I never made a trip longer than 3 weeks. A few month ago I decided 2016 gonna be the year when I start a big journey through Asia at least for 6 month and of course I want do some trekking during that time. My plan is to start in Kathmandu to do the ACT and head to India from Pokhara. After India I’m going to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia (no strict plan, still changing ;).
As I read a little bit about the trek I found out that it’s advisable to not go alone. That’s why I’m writing this post to find some people who want to share this experience with me. I’m not intending to rush the trek, I’m more interested in staying at some places and check out the country. Also I want to do this without a porter or guide, because I guess it’s more exciting to find the way by my own. If this fits to your plans, please drop me a line.

Ps: I’m very flexible about time. I just want start at the beginning of october and than it takes how long it takes 😀

Cheers Philipp



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  1. Hello Philipp! Interestingly enough I too am planning to travel Nepal -> India -> Thailand, starting my journey with the ACT. So far I have found one other fellow trekker that I certainly plan to be with along the way. We are planning to start about a week into October, and leaning towards not having a guide or porter. Taking it easy and enjoying the trek as well as embracing the country are our priority as well 🙂
    If you are interested, you are welcome to join our small group!

    • Hi meghan,

      this sounds very interesting. I’m thinking about staying a little in Kathmandu, so starting a week into October fits very well. Do you also want to take bus from Pokhara to Gorakhpur and than the train to Varanasi? Would be very funny to share a longer way if you have the same plans. But at least the ACT would be nice. Thanks for your invitation I definitely want to join ;). How do we go on shall I participate your trip on this platform?

    • I think I will be staying in Kathmandu for a few days following the ACT. I don’t know my plans yet for when I travel to India, I haven’t decided on anything just yet. As of now, I think another girl and I plan to begin the trek around the 5th of October. We can stay in contact and closer to time figure more things out…my plans are still very sloppy at this point :p I’m glad to know you’re interested in sharing this experience with us. I”m so excited!

  2. Hi Philipp, totally interested. As you I go solo and I plan to be in katmandu at the end of september or the first of october, also I prefer not to hire a guide but i would like to share this amacing experience with other people.

    • cool, as you see above meghan already asked me for joining her group. But I guess it’s no problem to make larger one. Let’s stay in touch and clarify the details a few weeks before the trip.

    • I have talk with Meghan also, I will be in katmandu the second of october. It’s early to start planning the details but I hope a I could join your group.

  3. Hey Philipp, I’m interested- I’m flexible with dates and I plan on starting the trek on the beginning of the October as well. Let me know if you’re still looking for someone to trek with!

    • cool, as you see above meghan already asked me for joining her group. But I guess it’s no problem to make larger one. Let’s stay in touch and clarify the details a few weeks before the trip.

  4. Hi Philipp,
    my plans are similar to yours and I’m looking to see the region with a bit more depth. Please check out my post for more detail on what I was thinking (ACT + Lost Kingdom of Lo).

    I see that you have already joined a group so lets keep in touch as our plans get worked out. The Mustang/Kingdom of Lo portion is in the restricted area that is an offshoot of the ACT and a guide is required. But I was hoping to meet the guide at the starting point and go from there.

    I’m also going to India afterwards and used to live in New Delhi for 3 years. I’m interested in going to Varanasi and am flexible on other locations. I just need to be in Goa by mid November. Thanks!

  5. Hi Philipp,
    I see you found a group already and as I fly into Nepal the 20th of September already having to get back in time from the trek before the 30-day visa runs out, a week into October would be too late for me.
    BUT I´m in Munich at the moment too and would like to do some hiking in the alps to “prepare” a bit for Nepal. I´ll be away from Munich for quite some time too visiting family but maybe it works out to go on a trip sometime. I´m also planning on walking the E5 from Obersdorf to Meran end of August/beginning of September. Let me know what you´re up to!