Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hey everybody,
my name is Laura, i m from Germany, right now I m traveling through Asia for a couple of months and looking forward to do some (peak) trekking in Nepal. I m planing to track the Annapurna circuit without guide and if there is any time, money and motivation left joining a climbing course for peak trekking in May.
I m going to fly to Kathmandu on the 6th of April and I m quite flexible when to start the ACT.
I have some alpine and climbing experiences, but at rather lower altitude.
I don’t plan to do the trek in a certain amount of days and i m open for any additional spots like the Tilicho Lake.
Hope to hear from you if you’d like to be trekking partners! I’m easygoing, open-minded, used to travel on low budget and love mountains and trekking.

Let me know if you have any suggestions – my plans can be a bit flexible!
Hope to hear meet you soon in KTM or Pokhara!




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  1. Hi Laura!

    Ich heisse Julia und ich komme aus England aber meine Mutter ist Deutsche und dafür kann ich auch Deutsch sprechen aber schlecht schreiben, so i will continue in English 🙂

    I’m in Nepal now. I arrived two days ago in Kathmandu and I will leave for Pokhara on Monday for a week of volunteering before hopefully starting the Annapurna circuit on Monday 11th April. I saw that you’re thinking of starting on the 9th, but are flexible. How would the 11th work for you?

    I do have one thing though… I am on a limited time scale! So I was thinking of taking the bus to Bhulbhule and going from there (cuts out approx 1-2 days of walking which is mainly on the road).
    And after the high Thorong Pass, I would maybe travel by bus from Jomsom. Possibly with a stop for Poon Hill (sunrise is supposed to be amazing!). Just because I have only 14 days and after i’m on another volunteering project. So… How does that look for you? Have you had contact with anyone else?
    Another option, if you want to start feom the true start, is that you begin in Besishahar, then you could start on the 9th and meet me later.

    I would happily do as much as possible with you so long as you don’t mind still doing bits alone.
    At my hostel in KTM, I have spoken to some people who have already done it without a guide but with a porter (they had 18kg bags each! Mine is 9kg). And they said that it’s fine at the guesthouses to say “i’m having dinner and breakfast, can I stay for free” and that worked fine. I saw your budget is 600$, mine is basically – as little as possible. I don’t know how that would work between us but i hope it wouldn’t be a problem because i guess we have to pay a similar price at the hostel.

    Let me know what you think!

    A little info about me: I’m 24, i have studied Sports Science, and then Biomechanics, sometimes I work in Germany. In Mainz hospital. My family are from Hessen in Germany.
    I love hiking, i also like reading and talking about loads of different things… I’m easy-going and very open-minded, you can ask me more or less anything!

    Hope to hear from you soon 🙂


    • Hey Julia, that sounds pretty good! I don’t know much about things yet but I think I would be ok with trekking one or two days on my own. i planed to do the complete circuit, but as we probably meet some others during the trek, it won’t be a problem when you leave in Jomson 🙂
      When I manage to get the permit in Ktm and drive to Pokhara within 2 days, I could start on the 9th in Besishahar. If not, I would maybe start with you on the 11. in Bhulbhule.

      About the budget, thats no problem… 600 is my max.
      So spending less would be totally fine with me 😀
      I text you my number so we could make plans via whats app 🙂

    • Hi Julia and Laura,
      I arrive in Kathmandu on the 9th and am also planning on doing the Annapurna Circuit Trek leaving on the 11th. Similar to Julia, I to have time restrictions and will probably jeep the first day or two.
      Little about me, I’m Australian, 26th, consider myself generally pretty fit and love nature.
      Would love to meet up with girls, my watsapp number is +61 488069715, will try your whatsapp numbers also, hopefully it all works out and we can meet up 🙂

  2. Hey!

    Thanks for your reply, that sounds good 🙂
    You didn’t give me your number, perhaps you forgot 😛
    Here’s mine for whatsapp & everything:

    • Hi Julia!

      Are you still planning to leave on April 11th? I’m in Pokhara and hoping to set off then also, I have just returned from the Poon Hill trek it was amazing! I’m 24 from England, have been traveling for 9 months around the world and am coming to the end of my journey but time for the circuit before hometime!

      Look forward to hearing from you 🙂

  3. You can send me a message when you get this message 🙂

  4. Hi Laura and Julia,

    I’m currently in Kathmandu and planning to do the full Annapurna circuit starting in Besi Sahar around 8th/9th April and I’m looking for trekking companions. I’m allowing 21 days for the trek and want to do Tilico lake from Manang. I’ve done quite a bit of walking in England and Europe and run in the UK to so I have a good level of fitness. Prior to coming to Nepal I’ve been travelling in India for 2 months so less exercise has happened in this time! But I did a 2 week yoga course and I’m sure my general fitness is still there!

    My boyfriend is German but I am embarrassed to confess I don’t speak the language oops. Happy to meet up in Kathmandu for a coffee or in Pokara. I am staying a little out of Kathmandu centre in a Tibetan area called Bodhnath ( Boudha). No onwards travel to Pokara booked yet but I guess I will go tomorrow or Thursday 7th.
    I’m into yoga, meditation, outdoors, reading and culture. I find walking a great time to get to know people as well as soak up nature 🙂 Drop me an email or I am also on what’s app 00447738587440. Look forward to hearing from you! Anna

  5. Namaste!

    I arrived in Pokhara about two weeks ago with a vague idea that I wanted to trek. I met an English dude in my hostel, and then we met an English girl who he met on this site, and next thing I know, we’re trekking to ABC, me fighting off diarrhea, him saving us from an avalanche, her always sipping on a ginger-lemon-honey tea, while being snowed, hailed, and pissed on. It was a beautiful 11 days. It was a blast.

    I’ve been louging around at lakeside for the last few days, and it’s time to get back into the mountains. I have another month in Nepal which should be plenty of time for the circuit. I’m flexible with dates, I’d like to start at Besishahar, open to side treks, I like to go with the flow so whatever works for me.

    Feel free to whatsapp me at +12405277360. Cheeeers!