Annapurna Circuit Trek

I would like to hike the Annapurna Circuit without a guide or porter. I will be in KTM at the beginning of April (I can meet u then), but I have to work until the end of April, so I would’nt start before the end of April/beginning of May. My dates are flexibles and the duration too. I still have to read about the trek.



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  1. Hi Geneviève, I was planning on doing Annapurna base camp trek starting around apr25. Am flexible with dates though and can consider circuit trek. Also looking at going without guide/porter. Let me know if you’re interested in coordinating together!

    • Hey Vicky! Thanks for your message! Let me have a look at the Base camp trek and get back to you. When are you arriving in KTM? You have 10 days in total so you would do just a part of the Annapurna Circuit? I could start anytime from the 29th of April. Definitely keen on coordinating together 😉

  2. I get into KTM on April 22nd then want to head straight to annapurnas from there. I actually have 3mos of travel total so 10 days isn’t necessarily my time limit… just might be what I prefer (which is why I’m looking into ABC trek instead). Let’s keep in touch!

    • Hey Vicky,
      I sent you a private message, but it seems I didn’t send it to the right person. Here it is:
      Hope you are well! I arrived in KTM yesterday! It’s a bit of a chaos : I think I will like the mountains best Anyway, after checking the Annapurna Base Camp trek, I think I’d still prefer to do the Annapurna Circuit. It is possible to do only half of it though, from Besisahar or Bule Bule til Jomsom, still doing the Thorung La Pass, which is a bit of a must I think. What do you say?
      Anything you’d like to know about me?

  3. Hello!
    I just arrived in Nepal today. I will be volunteering in Kathmandu until april 22 and after that making a trip to Chitwan (3days). Maybe i can join your trip through Annapurna, as I would really love to go there, but preferably not alone. I would be okay with startin the 29th and making a tour for approximately 10 to 15 days. Hope to hear from you soon!
    Kind regards, Mariska

    • Hi Mariska!
      Welcome to Nepal! I just arrived yesterday 😉 What kind of volunteering are you doing? For which organisation?
      I just told Vicky we could do half of the Annapurna Circuit, so from Besisahar or Bule Bule to Jomsom, doing the Thorung La Pass, but there is nothing fixed or confirmed. Would that suit you? We can meet for a coffee or a drink one of these nights as I’ll be around til the 12th I think. You can send me a private msg 😉

  4. Mariska and Gen, do you guys want to start up a fb chat or email thread? Mariska and I are fb friends already and have started communicating. Gen let’s include you so we can all discuss together 🙂

    • Hello all,

      If the stars line up, i might be finding myself in Nepal looking to trek in Annapurna areas too around April 23ish. If it could work out to join up with your group I would love it.

  5. Greetings – I was hoping to hike this independently as well and would love to join a group. I will be arriving in Kathmandu on April 23 and also plan to volunteer but my dates are flexible. I will be in Nepal until late May. Krysia

  6. Hi everyone!
    Arriving Kathmandu 26th April. Planing the full annapurna circuit, maybe with some side treks. Starting end of April. No guide or porter.
    Would like to meet people before the trek, for planing and experience can be shared. And of course colleges to join the adventure.

  7. Hi guys!
    After consulting with Vicky and Mariska, we would be happy for more people to join our small group in Besisahar on the 29th to start the trek to Jomsom. I think we just have to be conscious that we are all autonomous travellers/hikers and that a bigger group might sometimes be difficult to handle. It is a possibility that we end up splitting in smaller groups according to our paces. So if that suits you and you can be in Besisahar with all your equipment and permits (TIMS and ACAP), then that’s great! Let us know!

    • Hello all,

      I’m arriving in Kathmandu on the 25th of April. I would love to join your group, if that’s still an option!

    • Hi everybody! Can I still join your group? I’m arriving in Kathmandu on the 25th and I should be ready to start the trek on the 29th! Let me know!

    • alright 29th is to early for me, I’m planing for the 30th april or 1st may. I wish you a good journey, maybe I catch you up on the way 😉

    • Hi Debi, just saw your reply. We will be starting on the 29th with Marijska and Krysia. We will catch the morning bus from Pokhara so expecting to be in Besisahar by midday. Let us know if you’d wish to join and if you are in Pokhara or KTM.

  8. Thanks to being open to more company. Very good suggestions. I will plan to be in Besisahar on the 28th. Looking forward to meeting up and starting out the trek with this group.

    • Good! Buses leave from KTM and Pokhara early in the morning so we will probably only be there by lunchtime on the 29th. Mariska and I will take the bus from Pokhara, but I think Vicky will leave from KTM. Looking forward to meeting you Krysia!

  9. This sounds great. I think I might be on bus from pokhara too. I might do poon hill hike prior to the meet up spot.

  10. Hey Guys, Ill be in Kathmandu on April 23th, in Pokhara on 24th looking to start on the 25th or around then. Send me a message if anyone is interested at a normal pace.

    • HI Julie,
      I should be getting into Kathmandu on 22nd. We’re u planning on full circuit starting on 25?

  11. Hi, yes I was planning on starting the full circuit on the 25th.

  12. Hi all! I love the plans and am excited that there are so many amazing women planning to hit the annapurnas as well!
    I would love to join some of you, but am hoping to start trekking slightly earlier– apr 26 if possible.
    Let me know if that is a convenient take off time for any of you!

  13. Hey everyone, I’m planning on hiking the Annapurna Circuit (beginning around April 30 – May 2, aiming to finish by May 14th, start date is flexible). I will be arriving in Kathmandu on April 15 to do the Everest Base Camp trek with a group, then travelling solo to the Annapurna region. Perhaps I’ll meet up with a few of you!

    • Hey, I’m also planing to start the Annapurna Circuit in the 30th april or 1st may. We could start together from Besisahar.

  14. Hi guys!
    Sorry for the late reply. Having some Internet issues 😉
    Erica and Jeff, do you plan on coming and walking with Marisjka, Krysia and I? We will all be in Pokhara by the end of the week I think. Morning of the 29th is the start date! Krysia has suggested to do the circuit backwards so just checking if you planned to join and if that would make things complicated for you 😉 Let us know!

  15. Hi guys!! I was planning on starting the trek on the 3rd or 4th but things have changed! I will be heading to Pokhara tomorrow morning and starting the trek on the 29th or 30th. I would love to join your group 🙂 Is it possible?? Cheers. Maria

    • Maria – we have been trickling into Pokhara and will definitely be trekking on the 29th. Buses for Besisahar leave at 6:30. I will send you a msg and maybe we can connect in Pokhara tomorrow. It’s very “hazy” (no visibility) here so time to head closer to the mountains!