Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hey all, we are a Canadian couple who are doing the Annapurna Circuit starting around the 26th of March. We are flexible a day or 2 on that. We have a friend of the family who hooked us up with a guide here who might be taking us, or he will set us up with one who will. I have asked on price and it will be that of a normal guide (around 2000/day) but spit between more people, makes it much cheaper for all! We plan for 21 days to be conservative but will probably do it faster than that depending on acclimatisation and side hikes etc. We look to hike at a moderate pace to take in all the beauty of the trek!

Brandon and Nicole



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  1. Hi Brandon and Nicole,
    I am planning on doing the Poon Hill trek in 5 days, leaving tomorrow (3/26) from Pokhara. Are you starting along that route? Could I trek with you until reaching Poon Hill?