Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi, we are planning to start the circuit around the 16th of March. It’s our first time in Nepal and will also be the longest trip for us so far. We do not want to take a guide or porter with us but would be very happy to walk with other people. Since neither Carsten nor I has been at an altitude of 5400m we will walk at moderate speed and allow some time for acclimatization.
At the moment we are in Kathmandu and will go to Pokhara at the 14th.



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  1. Hi, do you have found any company yet? I’m in Kathmandu right now too and training wise I guess I’d be on a similar level. Never been that far nor that high. Maybe you want to meet up beforehand if you’re still looking for some company.
    Namaste for now 😉
    ps: I’m from Germany too

  2. hey ho! i’m in pokhara rightnow and looking for people to do the trek!we could meet when you will come! 🙂

  3. Hi, just got to Kathmandu today!! Im at the nepalaya hotel till Monday when I get me trekking card, starting the trek Monday. Msg me if you guys want to meet up. Charles, loving this country

  4. Fellow German Here! I’ll arrive in Kathmandu on March 14th and try to get my permits the day after. I would be glad to join you since I don’t want to take a guide to do the trek and travel on a low budget. Contact me through email ( or what’s app (+49 15757923232)