Annapurna Circuit Trek

UPDATE (05-Oct-2016):

We are confirmed to leave on the 8th of Oct.

Confirmed: 2 trekkers
Trek start-point: Chamje (4km further ahead of Jagat, which is the regular start-point).

Itinerary as of yet:
08-Oct: Kathmandu to Dumre (tourist bus) – Besisahar – Chamje (local bus)
09-Oct: Chamje to Bagarchaap (13 km)
10-Oct: Bagarchaap to Chame (lower route – 7km. Upper route – 10 km)
11-Oct: Chame to Pisang (14.5 km)
12-Oct: Pisang to Manang (15km)
13-Oct: Manang rest day [I’ll personally be doing side day trek to ice-lake]
14-Oct: Manang to Yak Kharka (9km) [If possible, 1 km further up to Ledhar]
15-Oct: Yak Kharka (or Ledhar) – Thorang Phedi – High Camp (6 or 7km)
16-Oct: High Camp – Muktinath (15 km)

Of course the itinerary is not hard and fast, but this is the rough plan for now.



I’m planning to trek Annapurna Circuit either starting on the 1st or the 8th of Oct. the itinerary will be (roughly):

Day 1: Drive from Kathmandu to Besisahar
Day 2 – Day 11: Trek from Besisahar to Muktinath
Day 12: Drive from Muktinath to Jhomsom (We can do a day trek to Marpha from Jhomsom)
Day 13: Fly back to Pokhara

I’m not hard and fast about the number of days. Although, I will have to get back to Kathmandu in 16 days maximum.

Let me know if you are interested.

Just FYI: I’m a local.



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  1. Hi Sweta,

    Looks like we have the same time frame as i will be in Kathmandu from 7- 26 Oct. We are a small group of 1 from America and 1 from Vietnam, still looking for more buddies to do AC with. We plan to figure out it by ourself, no guide no potter and no rush.
    Let me know if you’re interested. Hope we can join together the whole trip or some parts of it.
    Have fun

  2. Hi Van,

    Definitely interested. I’m also not looking to get guide or porter, and I walk at a moderate pace. There might be one more person who’ll join.

    When are you thinking of starting the trek?


  3. Well, i will arrive in Kathmandu on the 7 Oct and maybe starting the trek on the next day, 8th Oct. Sounds great. I will send you my contact for futher information
    Nice day

    • inboxed you

  4. Would you guys be ok with me possibly tagging along? Doesn’t seem like I will be finding anyone for the Manaslu circuit. I would like to keep options open.

    • ofcourse. you’re welcome to join us.

  5. Hey! I would like to join you guys can i?

    • Hi Pratik,

      Sorry for the late response. The trek is going to be right at the time of Dashain. If you’re ok with missing Tika, I don’t think it should be a problem.


  6. Hi Sweta,

    Thinking of doing the AC around the same time, but with a side trip to Tilicho lake if the weather cooperates. Wondering whether this group has firmed up the itinerary yet? If it’s more or less the same, would it be OK if I join in for the trip (whole or part)? Cheers.

    • Hi Zaimah,

      You are very welcome to join us. With you, we would be four total, which is just the right group size for trekking. We are currently looking to start on 8th Oct. If that works for you, we can start the trek together and trek whole or part of the trek together depending on any detours each of us would like to take.


  7. If you guys plan to go further to damoder kund I want to join. It’s 15 km from muktinath and is very sacred place for Hindus

    • Hi Sashi,

      Sorry for the late reply. I, personally, don’t plan to go to Damodar Kund this time around.
      Also, I’m not quite sure Damodar Kund is that close-by from Muktinath. I’ve shared the trail with a few people heading to Damodar Kund during my trek in Upper Mustang, and the trip is definitely longer. But ofcourse I was trekking starting from Jomson through Kagbeni so maybe there is another shorter trail from Muktinath that I’m not aware of.
      You are welcome to join us until Muktinath if you are interested, however. I’m sure you can find some people heading to Damodar Kund from Muktinath or Kagbeni.

    • Thank you for your response Sweta, have you finalized your itinerary?. let me know if you have:)

    • Hi Sashi,

      More or less, yes. We’ll start on the 8 from Kathmandu. Likely take Jeep until Besisahar or even further up, since there is road construction work going on there (no fun walking alongside the construction). From there on, it will be the standard Annapurna route (I’m also considering a detour to Tillicho Lake, time permitting).

  8. Hi Sweta,

    Sorry for the late response. Been trying to work out flights & leave days. The best days I could get unfortunately places me in Kathmandu and the start of the trek much earlier than Oct 8th. I’m looking to get to Besisahar on Oct 3rd, and jeep it as far as Syange/Jagat. Thanks for responding though, happy trails!

    • Hi Zaimah,

      No worries. Have a good time! 🙂


  9. Hi Sweta, just wondering if departure dates and group size has been confirmed. If still looking then I can join you. I have tried the route once before but unfortunately due to Avalanche we had to turn back from Manang.

    • Hi Prema,

      Oh wow, I’m glad you got back safe.

      It’s three of us confirmed so far, but we’ll be happy to have few more people join. We will leave from Kathmandu on 8th of Oct and go up to either Besisahar or Chamje by bus/jeep, and then start walking from there.


  10. Ok for the ones who will start the trek on october 8th. It will be very difficult to find transportation out of kathmandu as october 7th is friday and october 8th is the start of main days of dashain featival(fulpati) in nepal. People travel by sitting on top of buses to go out of kathmandu valley to reach their villages. One idea would be to make a group of around 12 to 15 people and hire a private micro buses upto besisahar and share the costs. The public transportation will be crowdy these days. And sweta should already know about traffic jams on kalanki to nagdhunga i.e. exit point from kathmandu during fulpati. Just make sure to leave early from kathmandu….also maybe aame experience for jeep from besisahar to manang… all people will be wanting to reach home for fulpati or astami days….

  11. Hi Sweta,

    I was wondering if you are still up for more people to join the trek as I had to change my plans and now I’d like to start on oct 8th aswell. So if you still have space in your group, I’d be glad to join.


  12. Hi Sophie,

    You are definitely welcome to join us. We are taking early morning tourist bus from Kathmandu to Dumre on the 8th. From Dumre we’ll be taking a local jeep and/or bus to Besisahar. You can join us directly in Besisahar or travel with us from Kathmandu. If you are already in Kathmandu I would suggest you to get a ticket soon as it gets difficult to find transport that day (start of festive season, so a lot of people will be travelling out of Kathmandu). If you are not and you are sure about the eight, I will be happy to get one for you.


  13. Hello Sweta, is the group full? If not I would like to join. Kind regard Joris

    • Hi Joris,

      You are welcome to join us. Are you already in Nepal? Because we leave from Kathmandu on the 8th, which is the start of the festive season, it might be difficult to arrange the logistics (specifically bus-ticket) for you if you are not already here.

      If you are sure you want to join, I will be happy to get the tickets arranged before-hand (as long as they are still available). If you get to Nepal by Friday morning, you will still be able to get the permit the same day. The permit office is close to Thamel. If not, I’m also getting permit for Van on Friday, so I can do the same for you as well.


  14. hey everyone,
    i’m already in pokhara and have been thinking about to start my trekking on the 7th or 8th of october…
    so you have fixed your plans and will definitly start on the 8th? if you still want to have another company, I would be glad to join…i have similar plans and i’m looking forward to find some like minded trekkers to have a great trek together…

    kind regards, conny

    • Hi Conny,

      You are welcome to join us. Since you are already in Pokhara, we could meet at the start of the trail itself. We go from Kathmandu to Dumre on tourist bus and plan to take local bus upto Chamje (4km ahead of Jagat) from Dumre.

      We can plan to meet at Chamje by the evening of the 8th.


  15. Hi Sweta,
    Are you still open to more people joining your group? I’m in Kathmandu now and wanting to join a group but finding it difficult to find an organised group leaving in the next few days. I’m staying in Thamel.

    • Hi Caelie,

      It’s two of us confirmed right now and one tentatively confirmed, so we’re happy to have few more people join. You can travel with us from Kathmandu or meet us directly at Chamje, whichever you prefer. Either way, you’ll want to get tickets soon.

      You can book ticket from Kathmandu to Chamje (only available form new bus-park, but it’s local bus so difficult to get tickets and sometimes may be too crowded) OR Kathmandu to Dumre (tourist bus). You can get Kathmandu to Dumre ticket from Thamel itself. If you need help, I’ll be happy to call in and reserve a seat for you and send you the direction to pick up the ticket. We’re taking the Kathmandu to Dumre bus and will get a local bus from there to Chamje.

      Let me know.


  16. Hi Sweta,

    I was wondering if it’s too late to join your group for the AC?
    I was going to go private with an agent but thinking it would be much more fun with other travelers.

    • Hi Thien,

      Are you already in Nepal? Do you have tickets to Dumre or Besisahar already? I’m not sure if you can find tickets for tomorrow at this time, but if you can get to Chamje, you’re welcome to join us. 🙂 I’ve send you contact of a transport company, maybe you could try and see if they still have seats.


  17. Hi Sweta,
    Could u resend me all infor about where and when we meet tomorrow and your number as well through my gmail i sent you last time ?
    I printed it out but forgot at home, lol. I’m at airport, heading to Kathmandu now, see u tmr

  18. Hi Sweta,

    Yes please can you send me the transportation contact, I will see if I can get transport. I’m currently in Nepal. Thank you so much!

    – Thien

    • I’ve inboxed it to you. I just called the guy. There are no tickets left in the bus we are taking, but there is a 15 seater van reserved for tomorrow, which has 2 seats left. It will be a little more expensive (Rs. 1100) than the bus. If you are interested, get the ticket soon because seats might get booked.

      Another alternative is to get local bus ticket to Besisahar, but you have to buy it from Naya Bus Park (New bus-park). If you know your way around here, you could get that directly. Maybe someone at your guest house could help you with that.


    • Hey Sweta, wow great I’ll get the Van! Thanks!! Will get back to you soon

    • Hey Swet, what is the phone number of the Van for tomorrow? I’all ask the hotel staff if they can call for me

    • Hi Thien,

      Please check your inbox. I’ve sent you the guy’s number and direction to his office.



    • Hey Swet, so sorry but it’s not showing in my inbox,

      – Thien

    • That’s odd. And some of your messages are getting moderated, I suppose because they contain email id. Anywho, I’ve emailed you the details. Please confirm when you receive it.

  19. @Van, I’ve send you the details by email.


    • Got it Sweta, thanks

  20. I shall be in Kathmandu for a week commencing 24th October/16. Could we meet for hangouts.


    Ajoy Medhi