Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi peeps!

I’m a young solo female traveller looking for some companion to hike the ACP. I am not interested in taking a guide or porter. I like to sweat, but also love to take some stops for the view to let nature rush in. I’ll arrive in Kathmandu on the 18th of March and plan to start the trek around th 20th/23th. I leave the country again on the 13th. If you want to join me on this adventure don’t hesitate to message me.

See you!




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  1. Hello Aninda! I’m also looking for someone who wants to do this trek! At the moment, i’m already in Besisahar but I want to start the trek around the same days. I don’t want to pay any guide or porter but will be nice going together, because I don’t want to go all in my own.
    See you!

    • Hi Maider! would be great! I also had a comment from another women, we might could do the trek with the three of us, seems our ideas about doing the trek are the same 🙂

      Hope to hear from you!

  2. Hello! Yes would be perfect! When are you coming to Besisahar? You could tell me about the exact dates, because i’m already there. If you come from Katmandu by bus, there is a hotel which name is Tukuche Hotel, you can stop there and we could meet in the same place. Just tell me about the days and I won’t have any problems. See youuu!

    • I’ll arrive on the 18th, I first need to do some shopping in Kathmandu for certain clothes needed on the trek. I was thinking about staying in kathmandu for three nights which means leaving the city on the 21th, maybe staying one night together in besisahar on the 21th and starting the trek on the 22th? I’m very flexible though 🙂

      hear from ya soon!

  3. Hi Aninda,
    I´m also female solo traveler and looking for somebody to share all the experience on this trek. I arrive in Kathamndu on the 18th as well. We could catch up and talk about the trip if you want.
    Cheers Marie 🙂

    • Hi marie!
      What a nice coincidence 🙂 if you look at the posts above it seems we’ll be with three of us if we’re all okay with that! I was thinking about staying in Kathmandu for three nights,then leave to Besisahar on the 21th and to start the trek on the 22nd. Would love to catch up with you to talk about the plans.

      Hope to hear from you!

  4. Hello! For me is all right, on the 22nd is perfect!

  5. Hello! I’m male 63yrs from India going solo for Annapurna Circuit Trek. I’ve done Everest Base Camp trek during 2013 and 2014. I’ll be arriving Kathmandu on 19th and was looking for fellow trekkers and your dates suit. Would you consider accommodating me in your group.
    Hope to hear from you.

  6. Hi guys, I am a young female solo traveller also looking to join a group to do some trekking! My only previous trekking experience is from doing the Three Peak Challenge back home in th UK (three peaks in 24 hours- ouch) in 2014. I’m looking for adventure, amazing views and generally a good time. I’m currently in Pokhara but can get a move on if needs be back to Kathmandu. Am fine carrying my own pack and finding our own way! Let me know what your plans are for meeting up?