Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hey Trekkers!

I am 22 years old, and on a big trip to the east before I start school next year. Going to be arriving at Kathmandu by late March.
Im looking for interesting, fun, open minded people to get to know and trek with 🙂 my plan is to do the Annapurna circuit trek. Im very easy with the start date, but do have to fly away to my next destination by April 22nd- so preferably start of April would be perfect.

I am in good shape, but def looking to enjoy the trip in a moderate paste and not rush thorough it 😉
I might have to get a Porter since my back is a bit problematic- still considering it.

If it sounds like it could roll with you- give me a shoutout and we could hammer down the specifics



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  1. Hey Matan. We are a Canadian couple who will be starting the Annapurna Circuit around the 26th-28th of March. We plan on around 21 days but we are fit and could probably do it faster depending on climatisation, but would also be down to be a couple day treks that could add up to the 21. We have a family friend from Pokhara who is going to be our guide, and am just waiting on his reply on when is good for him to start. Should hear from him tomorrow (25th). Let us know if you are interested 🙂