Annapurna Circuit Trek

I’m planning on doing the AC independently and would love a buddy, seeing as this is my first time in Nepal. I’ll be arriving in Kathmandu the 23rd of March and have about three weeks to spend trekking. Itinerary is flexible and would love to get a few side treks in as well. I’d love to set up a plan to meet ahead of time if anyone is interested.




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  1. Hi Megan,

    I’ve just left a msg with Richard. I am from Australia and looking to do an Ann circuit with a few partners. I walk at a moderate pace, like taking in the view, and been to Nepal before. Let me know if your keen to chat further.

    • Hi Jen,
      Sounds like we are looking for a similar experience. When are you arriving in Nepal? Happy to chat further or make a plan for meeting in Kathmandu.


    • Hey Megan/Jen,

      If it works with you two we (two people) are keen to join you both as well. Similar plans to you both with flexible dates/side trips etc.

      We are in Kathmandu at the moment so we can meet you here or if it’s easier Pokhara.

      Let us know what you think.


  2. Hi, I’m also looking for some company on my first trek in Nepal. I’m currently in Pokhara, flexible on dates and looking to take my time and enjoy the adventure! Have you guys got a plan? Room for one more? Kitty

  3. nameste all !!
    dear friends can you give to chance to make your trip with my company friends ….

  4. Hi all!
    I’m currently on route to Kathmandu and will be arriving this evening. Anyone interested meeting up in the next few days? I’m planning on taking a bus to Besisahar on Thursday.


  5. Hey all. We are a Canadian couple and are heading to Pokhara tomorrow (25th) We are doing the Annapurna Circuit and plan for about 21 days to be conservative, but will probably do it sooner. I have a friend of the family who linked me with a guide living just out of Pokhara who might be taking us up, or arranging for another guide to do it. I’m not sure on price yet but can let all of you know tomorrow when i get a response from him. If anyone is interested, just let us know. We are definitely keen to get a group hike going on and meet some new people!