Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi everyone!! looking for travelmate for Annapurna Circuit Trek (or Manaslu circuit as second option).I will arrive to Kathmandu on 8th march in the evening, need to organize some things and gear and in two or three days get ready for trek. Unfortunatelly not so much flexible with the dates, need to be back in kathmandu till the end of march. I have experience with several day trekking but not two weeks or more so i would like to keep moderate pace to enjoy trekking and not to destroy ourselves =D. Guiding – open to both options but generally prefer without as i am on budget (but for Manaslu necessary). Looking forward to know new nice people and share the awesome life experience. Martina

Czech Republic


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  1. Hey Martina!
    I am in Pokhara right now and would love to Start the Annapurna Trek between the 10th and 12th of March.

    I also would prefer a slower pace to enjoy the trek! And I also need to be back to Kathmandu at the end of March, so that would work for me as well.

    I’m looking forward to your reply and hopefully till next week,

  2. Hi Martina, I’m Alex from Italy but have been based in Asia for 25 years.
    I’ll fly to Kathmandu on March 9th and will fly out on March 27th, I’m interested to do the Annapurna trail or similar, I’m basically open to different ideas vis-a-vis the trekking pace so long as it is somewhat independent (I’d like to consider the service of a guide), I’m 54 and reasonably fit, I’ve got trekking experience in the Alps (where I grew up), been at high altitude in the Andes as well.
    Looking forward to speak to you if you’re interested to discuss this any further, I’m an easy going guy (teacher and chef in the hospitality sector) I speak fluently Italian, English and French and have a moderate ability to speak Mandarin Chinese, you can also contact me by email.
    Have a nice day, Alex.

  3. Hi everyone!
    I’m Peter from Sweden, 59 years. I already spent some weeks trekking in Nepal so should be reasonable fit. Like the idea of slower pace and side treks. A small group of maybe four could be nice?
    Will be back in ktm the 8th!

  4. hey!!!
    i m in pokhara right now and i would also like to do the circuit indipendently, low budget and taking mayde more time!


    • Hi thare

      How are you? I read that you are looking for someone to walk the annapurna trek. Are you still looking for somwane? I’ m in pokhara. Let me now (-: greetings Johan

      Whats app 31614495676

  5. Hey all, i am in kathmandu right now for everybody who is also here and wanna meet and talk about trek 🙂 annapurna and also manaslu, thank you!!

    • Hi, I’m in Kathmandu, starting Anna p on Monday, are you trekking yet? Charles in Kathmandu

  6. Wow, there are so many replies already! I’d love to join on this independent, slow pace Annapurna Circuit trek in nice company! I’m in Kathmandu at the moment and planning on translocating to Pokhara tomorrow or sunday and ‘d be ready to go from there. I’d love to get to know you!
    Looking forward to hear from you, namaste Kati

  7. I’m in Kathmandu and ready to star Monday, msg me back if your interested, Charles in Kathmandu