Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi all crazy trekkers!
I am planning to spend the whole April in Nepal, arriving the last week in March. Would like to track the ACT at a moderate pace, independently with a companion(s). I have got some trekking experience (Ecuador, Bolivia, Europe, New Zealand) but have never done 2 weeks before. Hope it will be a great adventure!
I am flexible with the start day, but the early April would be the best.

I am easy going, travel on low budget, love mountains, planning to sleep in tea houses.
Anybody would like to join? Would more fun and safe :).

Hope to meet you in KTM or Pokhara soon!

All the best,

Czech Republic


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  1. Hello Silvie.
    I am also interested to do Annapurna Circuit this April and looking for a partner. If things works out positive then my plan is to arrive KTM on April 1, arrange permits and start ACT journey on April 2. I will have 12-13 days max for the trek and get back to KTM by 15th. Let me know If you are okay with the schedule then we can discuss further.

  2. Dear Shegufta, that sounds great. I have two flight ticket bookings so need to solve out the exact term first, however I am pretty flexible with the dates and can start sooner or later with no problem. Have you already bought the flight ticket to KTM? How was the Annapurna Base Camp last year?

  3. hi guys, this is my first ever message as im new to the site, im very interested to join you if your plan still existing, its my first time in Nepal and i can tell you im so excited. for me i didnt book the ticket to KTM yet, but i will have no problem to get a ticket as i work in the airport. i did few trekking in the past but only in Europe. i will need to hire gears from Kathmandu before starting the trek, also i will need to pay for any permit and local flight if any. will be so great if we can all meet in KTM to get your help and support to pay for the permit, local flight and trek shopping also to have a coffee together and get to know each other. please update me

    • one more thing my plan is to spend 6weeks in Nepal starting end of March and finish mid of May.

    • Hello Sal, sure that the plan is still on :). Ill be in KTM at the end od March, we can all meet there. We plan to sleep in tea houses, I walk in moderate pace, Shegufta in slow pace, we will try to manage the ACT in 2 weeks. Are you facebook? Might be a bit easier to communicate. All the best!

  4. Dear Silvie, I have not confirmed ticket yet. but will confirm soon for April 1. If things works out positive, we can meet in KTM on that evening and plan together further.

    • Super! Are you on facebook? I am under silvie.spackova.1, photo with a goat 🙂

  5. Hi Silvie,

    Are you still looking for partners? I am looking to do the circuit early April. Have been trekking in Nepal before. Tea houses sound great, i walk at a moderate pace. I’m yet to book flights permits etc.
    Let me know!

    • Hello Jenny, yep, the plan is still on, it looks we might be four of us if all works well. I do not have a flight ticket yet but I am going to buy it soon. I might be in KTM end of March, to do some trips around till everybody gets there. Where have you been trekking before? I talked to my friend today and he suggested Manaslu rather then ACT. Less crowded and more wild. I will take a look at it tomorrow.
      Is it possible to trek with a smaller backpack, around 35kg or how/what do you suggest the pack?
      Thanx, s.

    • Hi Silvie,

      Having an issue with my log in, so I hope you see this!
      Treking in Aus, Canada and NZ. In Nepal been to EBC, Gokyo, and done Annapurnpa Circuit Trek (the 7 day one) (abount 15 yrs ago).
      There’s a warning re Manaslu-unstable to go there, so perhaps not a great idea.
      A 35 kg backpack is mad-it will be soooo heavy. My pack last time was 17kg, and I was ditching stuff. I was really fit and strong too-the altitude makes it tough to carry a heavy pack-need to make it as light as possible. Talk soon.

    • Oh sorry, re: the backpack I meant 35 litres :), pack light. I didnt know about the Manaslu warning, thank you for the information, I will be definitely trekking ACT anyway. When are you arriving in KTM? I am meeting with Shegufta April 1st in KTM if you want to join.

    • Hi Silvie,

      Ahhhh, 35 litres sounds much better! As long as you can fit your stuff. I don’t have a good small pack so will be taking big bertha!
      I arrive KTM 29th March. Haven’t booked accom yet, will do so in the next week. And yes, I shall join you both on 1st April. Looking forward to it, and excited about the mountains.


    • Hello Jenny, stay in touch, we can all meet in KTM, I am arriving 27.3. late night, Shegufta on the 30th. We are currently also considering Manaslu trek since a lot of friends suggested this as a better option to ATC but have not made any change so far. Would you be interested in Manaslu as well if the option is on the table? I have contacted several locals to see the prices… If you are on fcb, might be a bit easier to communicate: SILVIE.SPACKOVA.1 – talk to you soon 🙂

    • Hi Silvie,

      I would be interested in Manslu, but am aware there is a fair amount of damage cuased by the earthquakes-I’ll do some more invetsigating.
      I’ve just sent you a friend request on facebook.


  6. I have booked my tickets for April 1st 🙂 . Will reach KTM by 3pm. and go for permits directly. Hope to meet all for dinner in KTM.

    • Super, I will be there around 28th of March, will let you know where excatly :), will probably stay at some couchsurfer hosts, looking forward to our trip! 🙂

  7. Hi,
    I’ve got pretty much similar plan (currently about to buy flying ticket for 30th March, but I can arrange it a day or two earlier), involving also some picture taking on the way. Are you still looking for companions? Actually if you still are and are in Prague/ Brno, we can meet before 🙂 (fellow czech gal here).

  8. Hi Jana, we are meeting with Shegufta April 1st at KTM (so far), I will be there from 28.3., arrange permits, look around, then ATC, then (probably) Chitwan and Budhha´s place and April 21st back… I live in Prague, you can find me on fcb SILVIE.SPACKOVA.1

  9. Hi Silvie and Shegufta, hope you all well, guys just to let you know that I have booked 2 ticket one for 28th Mar and the other for the 30th March, so either I will arrive 28th or 30th of March. Shegufta I will be going with you for the permit. Guys if you like we can stay in the same hotel in KTM, if you let me know which hotel you staying in will book the same as you. Not sure Silvie if you like you can help me with gear I need so I can hire or buy as I’m not going to bring any with me, it’s kind of helping businesses in Nepal and plus is much cheaper from where I come from.

    • Hello Sal, I will reach KTM around 3pm and have to rush for the permits on the same day as the office closes at 5pm. If you wish, we may meet at the National Tourism board office by 4pm for permits. Its somewhere near Ratna Park. Hope to see you soon.

  10. Hi Silvie and others,

    I’m also planning to do the Annapurna circuit and looking for some company.
    Are you going straight to Besi sahar from KTM? I’m thinking to go first to Pokhara to leave my stuff there because after the hike I want to spend some time there to relaxe. Do you already know on which date you start the trek?

    • Hello Silvia, yes, so far we are planning to go straight to Besi from KTM since we will be arranging permits on the 30th, starting the trip 1st April. After the trek I am planning to stay in Pokhara and travel a bit around. We are also thinking of Manaslu as an option, finding the info right now.
      When are you arriving to KTM?

  11. Hi, I’m also planning to do the Annapurna circuit – travelling alone but looking to meet up with people! I’m arriving in KTM on March 27th, need to spend the 28th getting the TIMS and ACAP and bus ticket and was hoping to start the trek on March 29. My flight home is April 15 so I’m just trying to give myself enough time for Nepal travel logistics 😉

    • Hello Melinda, you have very similar timing as Shegufta,she is arriving 30th, start on the trek 1st and getting back the KTM April 15th the latest. We are also thinking of Manaslu as an option, finding the info right now. Would you be eventually interested if that happens? The trek should be for 2 weeks max according the itinerary. Pls let me know.

    • I am going to trek ACT from Mar 30, see you there~

  12. Hi,
    I had read that Manaslu was very badly affected by the earthquake – entire villages were just gone, whereas Annapurna was largely untouched. As for the timing, I’m just not sure that leaving on Apr 1 necessarily gives enough time for a two week trek, we would really have to be certain of finding transport back to KTM on the day we finish and everything I’ve read says to plan for cancellations….

  13. Hello to everyone,
    thanks for all reply’s, i will have to keep my trip in hold until i got the news of one of my friend from Greece who want to join me to the trip to Nepal, she just need to check with her work if she can take a holiday and join me. i still have my tickets booked and i will keep it as it is till i got the news from her. i will update you guys as soon i got news. Many thanks to you all

    • Great, no worries, you will see, let us know and hopefully see you on the trek if you are not trekking with us! 🙂

  14. Hey Silvia,if you still have a room in your trekking group to fit me in I would be very interested.

  15. Hi! I just found this website. I want to start the trek asap. I am in Kathmandu and happy to meet. Please let me know if there s still time to join your group.

    • Hi, I’m planning to trek Everest base camp, are you interested to join?