Annapurna Circuit Trek

Just arrived in Kathmandu, plan to start the hike in a few days, around March 5-8 or something.. not in a hurry and enjoy Kathmandu enough to stay and chill here for a bit if necessary :). Plan to do it independently, staying in teahouses and maybe take a sidetrek when I feel like it. Don’t have any plans really!

Want to team up? Or can I tag along with your team? Shoot me a message!



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  1. Hi Mike! I’m in Pokhara now and I’m alone too, I will start the AC with a low budget in a few days! I’m not in hurry like you! Contact me if you want!

  2. Hi Mike,
    Your plan sounds good 😉
    I’m currently in Pokhara and going to do AC in a coming days.
    Plenty of time
    Low budget
    Would love to have some company along the way 🙂

    If you already have a team,maybe I can join you & you are still looking for trekking buddies,let me know 🙂
    Would be happy to join!


  3. We can start all together!