Annapurna Circuit Trek

I’ll reach Kathmandu on 7th March 2016 evening. Planning to tour around the Kathmandu city and also get the trekking permit on the 8th and head to Besi Sahar on 9th for ACT.

I’ve done Mt. Kinabalu and Mt. Rinjani with guide. This will be my first independent trek and I’d like to do it slow (honestly, I don’t know my pace) with a shoestring budget.

Anyone who wants to do ACT around the same date is welcome to join me! (Or let me tag along)



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  1. Hi!! I want to do the ACT with a low budget too! Tomorrow or the day after I’ll Be in Kathmandu but I have no rush, I have the flight the 7 april!

    • Hi Giogio! Thanks for responding. But I’ll reach Kathmandu two weeks after you, are you sure you want to wait?

  2. I want visit Kathmandu, pokhara and more, is not a problem! If I don’t find someone else, i will wait you, i don’t want to trek alone and I can’t spend for a guide or porter…

    • Alright, let’s hike together if you cant find someone until I arrive! 🙂

  3. Namaste! I also am looking for trekking partners for ACT. I fly into Kathmandu on the 12th day of March. I’m in Nepal at that time for 2 months but have arranged a home stay in a village west of Pokhara starting April 6. I wish also to do the high lake out of Manang. I would like to have 1 to 3 partners, hoping not to be alone. Exciting!

    • Hi Charles! I’m very sorry for not responding to your comment sooner.

      I wish to start trekking latest on the 10th of March. And… I do not have camping gears to hike with you.

      It’s gonna be an exciting trip indeed! Maybe we will bump into each other during the trek, as I might hike very slowly for fast hikers to overtake…

  4. Hey, I was planning to leave tomorrow on my hike but caught a small food poisoning a few days ago and think I have to take some days of extra rest in Kathmandu.. thus would like to join you around the 9th!

  5. Hey.
    I’m in Pokhara right now und would like to start the ACT on the 10th.
    And if that would fit Ingo you plans, I would love to join you!