Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hey Everyone!

I’m traveling solo from the UK to Kathmandu on the 24th Feb, returning 3rd April. I’d love to get as much trekking done as possible in my time in Nepal.

I have no set plans as of yet, although I am very keen to complete the full Annapurna Circuit. Ideally I’d like to do the trail without a porter, and with a small (or large?!) group of fun individuals! I don’t have any set dates as of yet – would be very happy to set off on the trail any time between the 27th February – 15th March!

A little about me: my name is Will, I’m 23 – in between jobs for the next couple of months. I am an experienced rock climber and trekker – always up for a fun adventure. I guess I would class my hiking speed as the faster side of average pace.

Please do get in touch if you’re interested in joining, or if you just fancy meeting up for a drink in Kathmandu when you have a free day!





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  1. Hi Will, think you may have been on my flight from Istanbul (well, London). Tall lanky chap! Are you still setting off on the 26? Let me know as I’m thinking of setting off to Bhulbule either tomorrow or 26. Got my passes but not got a guide and slightly anxious about heading to BhulBule without a guide or knowledge of others on the trek! Thanks, Stef