Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi everybody!
I am a 25 year old traveller, on my way to Nepal. (In Vietnam at the moment) I am flying in to Katmandu on march 2nd, and my flight home to Sweden is april 7th, so I have plenty of time!

I am planning to do the Annapurna circuit, staying in teahouses. I want to do it without guide or porters, but I would love som company from fellow trekkers!

A possible date for starting the trek would be around 5-8 of march (but I am flexible). Since I have until april 7th I might want to do some extra sidetreks, or take an extra day for acclimitizing as well. No rush!

Anyone planning something similar? Looking forward to hear from you!



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  1. Hey Julia! I am returning to Kathmandu on the exact same date (March 2nd) and want to start preparing for the Annapurna Circuit afterwards. Your schedule thus perfectly fits mine! Also have enough time to take it slow and enjoy the hike. Will send you a message with more details 🙂

  2. Hey Julia! Are you still looking for trekking partners for these days? I’m currently in Vietnam also but am hoping to fly into Kathmandu for the 4th and begin around the same time. Let me know if you’re still headed out and want a partner!

  3. Hi Julia. Your plans sound cool and similar to mine. I’m a first time Nepal traveller too and I would really like to get some company on the trek☺. Message me if you’re still looking for someone to come along.

    • Hej Julia! Vet inte om du har ordnat med en partner än men jag och annan kille från England har pratat om att börja APCT 5/6 mars. Hör av dig om du är intresserad!

      Kram, Joanna

  4. hey, have you already arranged something? Iam in Kathmandu right now, and everything just sounds perfect for me! Hope iam not too late 😉