Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi Trekkers, I’m flying into KMT on March 12. I live in Mendocino, California, I’m 54, married, vegetarian, very healthy. I’m debating getting a partner or just going solo. Also I’m teaching my self Devanagari and Nepali. I plan on tea house stays and camping out so you will need gear to hang with me :). Also I like the Idea of hitch hiking to Besisahar if busses are an issue. After the trek I will be homestaying in DamDame on Panchase mountain for a month via Air BnB so I’m not on a tight schedule.



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  1. Hi, Charles
    im very interested with your plan, but only hoping that you will do it on the first week of April.

    • Hi Sal, I plan on starting the 16th or 17th of this month, I’m doing a homestay also in Nepal starting April 6. Have fun trekking the Himalaya

  2. Hi, thanks for the reply and wishing you a wonderful trip.

  3. Hi Charles, our itinerary isn’t a million miles apart. I arrive Ktm 17 March, was planning to get permits 18 and travel to BS on 19th. Possibility of travel to BS 18th. I’ve done a bit of route already and with limited time would prefer to make some mileage so wouldn’t necessarily be sticking with you, and anyway like to walk alone. Hitchhiking from KTM seems mad, I wouldn’t know where to start. Bus is relatively cheap to BS though if I could share taxi I would. Camping would be my first choice usually but it doesn’t seem to make sense on this trek – opportunity, cheap tea houses, weight of gear. Only reason I might carry tent might be for trek to Tilicho Lake but even then I don’t think its necessary. Sorry not necessarily interested in hanging with you but if we can share costs / journey that would be good, and if trip to Tilicho coincided!. Ciaran

  4. Hi, if I’m not partnered up when I’m in BS I’ll msg you. Thanks