Annapurna Circuit Trek

I am gonna do the Annapurna Circuit trek and so far I am alone. I would start in Besi Sahar and finish in Pokhara. I am staying in Nepal from 2nd April to 7th May, so I have a plenty time to enjoy the surroundings. I got some advices from friends not to do it alone, therefore I would like to have someone next to me to share the excitement from trek.
I haven’t decided about guide, some people advice to have one as they can recommend nice places to see, sleep etc. and help if something would happen.
If you already have a group which I could join or you would like to join me, feel free to do so.
😉 See ya in Nepal.

Czech Republic


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  1. Hey Stefan,
    I’m planning to do the Annapurna Circuit as well but planned to start not before the 5th as I’m arriving in Nepal on April 2nd.
    Your plan sounds great, so if you’re a little bit flexible, I might join!
    Let me know if you’re interested in travelling together!

    • Hey, I will be in Nepal on April 2nd and it would good to have couple of days to get permits etc. I am flexible and around 5th April sounds good.

  2. Hey guys,

    I will be in Kathmandu on April 2nd as well. I am going the next day to Pokhara and planning to do the Annapurna circuit on the 5th of April. I am looking for some company on the trek and would like to join you. Hope to hear from you.

    • Hey, we plan to start on the 5th as well. But I think we will go from Besi Sahar. So far we are three people in group, me Hazel and Uwe.

  3. Hi everyone! I will arrive in Kathmandu on april 3rd, i think i will need one day to get some gear and trekking permits and then I will be ready to go 🙂 so april 5th it would be perfect. I’d like to do the annapurna circuit, but i’m planning to stop in jomson because i have only 3 weeks in total.. It would be nice joining you for the first part of the trek till jomson.. if you already know where you are going to stay at kathmandu maybe we can meet.. ciao!

    • Join us in WhatsApp conversation. My phone number is +45 71413498

  4. Hi Steven, I am also starting from Besi Sahar but going first to Pokhara to drop all the things I don’t need on the trek. After the trek I want to spend some time in Pokhara to relax.
    Elisa, I am also going till Jomsom. From Jomsom going straight to Pokhara.
    Steven, how late do you arrive in Kathmandu on Saturday? Maybe we can meet and make some plans when and where we meet each other in Besi Sahar.

    • Hi,
      I should be in KTM at 16:00. Uwe is coming the same day as well. I haven’t checked where I am gonna stay in the city, but we can meet up for sure.

  5. Hey.
    I will arrive to Kathmandu on the 1st April but I need two days to get the permits and if you do’nt mind I would join you.

  6. Hi Stefan, I arrive in KTM at 9am. I am gonna stay in Hotel Potala in Thamel.

    Stefanie, If you would like, we can meet in KTM on Saturday?

    • I am staying in Thamel in Hotel Pokhara Peace

    • Join us in WhatsApp conversation. My phone number is +45 71413498

  7. Hi everyone!
    I’ll arrive in KTM the 1st of April. I’ll stay in Thamel for a few days to get permits, meet a local friend for some adivice..i’m also looking for gokyo lakes. Maybe can we meet in KTM before..

    • Hey, some of us will arrive on 2nd of April, some before, some after. But we will all meet and talk about our trek. Some of us will stay in Hotel Pokhara Peace in Thamel. We plan to do the trek on 6 th of April. You are welcome to join us.

  8. Hey guys, I also messaged Uwe on his thread. We are currently in KTM and looking to start trecking 3-5 April. Would love to join if you have started making plans? If you have started discussions on a different site FB/whatsapp, let me know where!