Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hello, my name is Soul

I will be in Nepal from March 18th till ……. Till however long I want cause I’m on a one way ticket. I’m planning on doing a lot of trekking. My first trek will be the Annapurna trek. I’m not nessesarily looking for partners but if you are then I’m down to trek with others! I have a higher level of fitness than most and am capable of hiking very quick. but I will be taking frequent breaks for photography, art, and taking in the beautiful landscapes. Like I mentioned I am an artist and a traveler. I am American but My ethnicity is Filipino (I only speak English). I’m young but I’m down to hike with anyone as long as you’re adventurous. So that means, any race, gender, language, I don’t care, as long as your super cool.



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