Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hey guys!

I arrived in Nepal on January 15th and I’d like to do the Annapurna circuit trek in the beginning of March.
I’m really flexible on how long I wanna go hiking as I’m in Nepal for nearly three months.
I don’t want to hike with a guide so I can keep it as cheap as possible.
If you’re interested, please let me know.

Anne 😉



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  1. Hi Anne, you might have already sorted all your plans but I’d like to start the ABC trek from around Jan 20th/21st so if you’d like to partner up get in touch. I’m in Nepal from Jan 18th, and am leaving on Feb 9th so my dates are not as long as yours but let me know if you’d be interested in starting your trip off with an Annapurna trek together! Katie x

  2. Hi girls! I just arrive Katmandu and I’m also into trekking the Anapourna circuit with someone. I’m also head back to Thailand at Februar 9th so… If you into we can meet up somewhere. I just got to Thamel

    • Hi nadav, I’ve connected with another guy through this website and we’re doing the Annapurna base camp trek. Our plan is to travel to pokhara on 21st and start trek 22nd and trek for around 10 days. We’ve got permits and are just planning last minute stuff tomorrow. If this sounds like what you’re up for we can meet up tomorrow somewhere in Thamel. Are you on whatsapp? If so you can give me your number if you like. Katie

  3. Hey everyone, my friend and I are planning on doing Annapurna circuit from around the 1st of feb. We’re just in a hospital in manthali for the next ten days so if you message us sorry if it takes a while to reply just the WiFi is pretty on and off here

  4. Hello everyone, I am from Kathmandu and I want to go to trek the Annapurna circuit end of Jan/start of feb. I would like to team up with fellow trekkers if anyone is planning on leaving anytime soon?

  5. Hi guys, so is anyone going to do Annapurna Circuit on the near future? I am looking for trekking partners. I already have all permits and am available to start now, but can also wait for a few days/up to a week. If interested to team up,

  6. Hi, I am planning to go for the Circuit at exactly the same date as you (6or7th of March). If it’s still in your plans let me know !! Remi

  7. Hey! Are you still planning on doing the annapurna circuit 6/7 of march? If so then give me a shout! I’m planning to do the same

  8. Hey! If there are still people looking for partners for the circuit I’d gladly join. I’m going in march but my plans are still open.