Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hey guys!

I’am planning to trek the Annapurna Circuit starting mid/end of March. I’d prefer to go idependent, without guide or porter but would be happy to find someone here to trek togehter the full or a part of the way.
This is my first trip in the Himalaya but I have trekking experience in the alps (E5).

Looking forward to your message!



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  1. Hi Kathi,

    did you finalize your plans to trek the AC from 19th of march?
    I planned the same thing, but my friend dropped spontaneously out. It is also my first time in Nepal, thats why I would be happy to not be totally on my own 🙂

    Please let me know if you are still going. Maybe we can catch up?

  2. Hey Kirsten and Kathi,

    I am also looking to trek Annapurna. I am ok with or without guide. Just want to take my time. I have from March 19 to April 13.

    Let me know if either of you are up for joining.


    • Hi there,
      I am also hoping to trek the AC starting around March 19. My timing is pretty flexible, I just need to be done by April 13. I’d love to go with a group since this is my first time, but I don’t feel a guide is necessary. Let me know if any of you ladies are interested in making some plans!


  3. Hey I am interested in this as well! I will not arrive in Kathmandu until the 23rd but I would love to join a crew on this hike and avoid paying for a guide. I have to be in Takure by the 12th so it seems like our finish time is similar. Maybe I will be able to catch up to you if you are all leaving closer to the 19th.

    Talk soon!

  4. Hi all-
    I’m planning to leave around March 17-19 and would like to finish in 17-18 days. Would love to have trekking partners.

  5. Hello!

    Me and another guy are planning to leave KTM to Besisahar by taxi on 19th of march, and then take one Jeep from Besisahar to Chamje. About the Taxi we think that it can cost around €80 in total. Anyone interested in share it?

    Will be great share this taxi and part of the trekking with more people!

    See you!

  6. Hello! I’m also planning to do this trek! I’m for 3 months in Nepal so I’m open about different dates. Now I’m volunteering in Besisahar and I would like to start after the next week or later. Its the first time in Nepal but I’d prefer to go independet, withouth guide. Hoping some partner, see you!!

  7. Hi! I’ll arrive in Kathmandu on the 18th, and have a flight out of the country on the 14th of april. I am a solo female and looking for some companion to join me on the ACT between these days, wothout porter or guide. Hope to hear from you!

  8. Is anyone going ahead with this? I am in Pokhara currently and looking for a partner or to join a group. It’s my first time in Nepal also, am looking for moderate, comfortable pace, lots of fun and adventure! It’s so nice to see so many ladies here!