Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hey guys,

Looking at starting the ACT late March or early April (flexible with departures). I’ve never been to Nepal but had some experience trekking in South America and at altitudes. I’d like to start at Besisahar and finish at Pokhara via Poon Hill. I hike at a pretty standard relaxed pace and i’ll be shoestring budget, so if your interested send me a message!




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  1. Hi Callum!

    I’ll arrive at KTM 23th of March; planning to hit on the Annapurna circuit trail 24th or 25th (have to be back at KTM 10th of April at latest).
    I have never done a trekking of this length / height before, but I am in a pretty good shape 😉

    Let me know if you think our plans could be a match

    • Hey Lien,

      Your plan sounds goo 🙂
      I’ll be in Kathmandu on the 23rd too. Leaving on the 24th or 25th can work for me I have no set plans so pretty flexible with dates.

  2. Just joining this conversation! My plans are very similar to Lien. I arrive in KTM March 23 and need to be in Takure April 12th. Hope to find a crew of like minded folk and avoid unnecessary guide costs while still making the most of my trip and being safe, of course! Hope to talk more soon!

    • Hi David, can you drop your email here? Message server of TP is not working for me …

  3. Hey David,

    Sounds good man, I’ll be in Kathmandu on the 23rd also, I was going to get all my permits sorted in Kathmandu and go from there maybe make a start on the 24th or 25th. Let me know if it suits

    • Great! This sounds perfect! I am not sure job distracted I will be In Kathmandu on arrival but our timelines seem to be perfectly coinciding. Stay in touch!

  4. hi David & Kallum; you’re plans are very similar as mine (have to be back in KTH to catch my flight at the 12th).
    I ‘ll arrive at kathmandu the 23th of March, will need to arrange permits still but want to start trekking as soon as possible.

    hope we can catch up & share the adventure!

  5. Yeah sounds good guys lets catch up in Kathmandu! I’m not sure how well the Internet is there but I’ll send a message out 🙂

  6. Hey guys,
    just arriving in Kathmandu today was planning on staying here for a week or something in Thamel and see some sights. Send me a message if anyone’s still keen to catch up 🙂
    Whatsapp is +61448995615 and email: or just leave a message here.

  7. hello all
    would you like to give to chance us