Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi there!

I´m planning on hiking the ACT in the beginning of April sometime. As I haven´t booked a flight yet I´m still flexible with the date and the exact traveling route. This is my first trip to Nepal, and because I don´t know the mountains there and never been over 3000 meters, I would prefer to have some company- and of course to share that awesome adventure! 😀

I hike at a slow/moderate pace and like to enjoy the views and scenery and always try to travel on a low budget.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in really getting stuck in an adventure in the great Himalayas! 😀 Seriously- I´m so excited!

So maybe- see you soon! 🙂

Cheers Hazel



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  1. Plz check ur inbox

  2. Hi Hazel,

    I’m really keen to do this trek at the begging of April. I’ll be in Kathmandu on the 23rd of March and hopefully depart soon after. I’ve never been to Nepal either but it looks like a great hike, and like you I’d rather have some company for the two weeks!

    I think I’d probably be moderate pace but i don’t really care how fast. Anyway send me a message if this fits your timeframe 🙂

  3. for the price n plans ,i will be most flexible….

  4. Hi Hazel,

    As I replied to Jasper as well: you’re plan sounds interesting to me 🙂 . I’m a student from Holland (26 years old) and I’ll be staying in Nepal for 2 months for a medical internship. Before this internship starts (and before monsoon) I’d like to do the AC.
    I already booked my flight and I’ll arrive on the 1st of April in Kathmandu in the morning. Monday 18th I’m supposed to be back in Kathmandu again, so I think 17 days will be ok for the AC.
    I’d like to do the track at a relaxed pace as well, taking enough time to enjoy the nature and the people around. 🙂
    Kind regards!

    • Hi Anna!
      I have booked my flight as well now and I will be arriving in KTM on the 4th of April. When you have to be back in KTM on the 18th….I guess you will be already up in the mountains when I arrive…three days ahead 😀 …I really wanted to arrive in KTM on the first of April to, but I had to change my plans to the 4th because my sister will come home from her travels just 2 days before and I really wanted to see her at least for a quick hug 😀
      How about meeting up when I´m back from hiking as well to chat about the trek having a nice cup of tea? 😀

      Hope you have a great time and lots of fun with our internship!

  5. Hi,
    I am planning my trip to Nepal as well. My experience is similar to yours and I like to enjoy the scenery as well. I am quite flexible with the date as well.

    • Hello Stefan!
      Ok that sounds good:)
      i have booked may flight now and will be arriving an the 4th of April in Kathmandu and will be staying until the 28th. I will be leaving Kathmandu as soon I can manage and will be heading straight for Besisahar to start trekking. Do you already know when you will be arriving? Have you planned any further jet? I´ll let you know when I have more concrete plans!

    • Hey,
      I will arrive April 1st. I had met with some friends this weekend who have been there and they gave me some tips and maps. I will be staying approximately month and half. Do you want to go straight for hike after you arrive? We can find each other on Facebook and create a group and talk more about it.

  6. Hellow hellow,

    Basically the same for me, I’m arriving in Kathmandu on the 18th of march, the next two weeks I will visit the valley and others parts of Nepal. Around the first of april I would also like to start the trek at a modarate pace, to enjoy as much as possible the surrounding.

    If you’re still up to it let me know!

    • Hi Ronald!
      I have my dates now- I will be arriving in KTM on the 4th of April, and planning on starting the trek on the 6th in Besisahar.

      How about you? Do you have any further plans on the ACT? When you will be starting?
      Cheers Hazel

  7. Hello Hazel,

    I’m a student from Singapore and planning a graduation trip for myself to Nepal. I’m keen on planning a trip to this region in the exact time frame as you. It’ll be my first time this far from home and overseas multi-day hike. Will only be able to make concrete plans by Mid-Feb or at least before March. Do let me know if you’re still accepting company. Hopefully my plans work out and I’ll be able to join you. Do keep me updated! =)

    Best Regards,

  8. Hi Hazel,
    Like your enthousiasm!
    resembles the excitement I feel myself since I just booked my flights to KTM. I will arrive there 23th, planning to hit the ACT maximum a couple of days later. (start beginning of April is to late for me – but since you’s flexible with dates still … ;))

    I am not a mountaineer either, however I am in quite good shape so I think I will be able to follow your moderate pace 😉

    Let me know if you’re interested in hitting that trail together.


    • Hi Lien!

      Thank you for you interest in trekking together! But I will be arriving in KTM on the 4th of April, planning on starting the trek on the 6th. So we will be missing each other.
      But I guess you will have an awesome time and really rock the thing!

      Cheers, Hazel

  9. Hi Hazel,

    I am Shegufta from Bangladesh. I am very much interested for ACT. Last April, I did Annapurna Base Camp trek in 8 days. I walk at a slow/moderate pace and prefer to travel in a low budget too . I have an itinerary plan from April 1 to April 17 with route plans. Let meknow if you are interested.


  10. Hey hazel
    All is well I am ready to do track with you if the dates are April or in May so If you are interested to do track with you so we will share all the prices and let me know the dates so I will book my flys to KTM thanks
    Javed reshi

  11. Hey Hazel,
    I’m flying in to KTM on 3/30 and would love to do the AC without a guide and on a low budget. I’m 24, from San Francisco, and have climbed to 4500m a few times. Let me know if you’re still looking for partners and when you’re planning on leaving!