Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi All,

I am planning to do the Annapurna Circuit starting approx on the 8/01/2016 starting off from Pokhara.

I have no hard plans but ideally would finish at Jonsom in around 12-15 days. Was planning on going Solo but it would be nice to share the experience.

See you there,



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  1. Hi Jacob,
    actually i wanted to go for Manaslu circuit but i need a second person for the permit so i might be interested in this and switch to Annapurna. I arrive in Kathmandu on the 5th of January. Do you want to go with a guide?

    • Hi Anna, I didnt plan on a guide but I have been strongly recommended one by quite a few people so I have looked into it and might go that route.

      Would you be happy to leave on the 8/01?

  2. Hi Jacob,
    great. You mean leaving on the 8/01 in Kathmandu or in Besisahar?

    • Hi Anna,

      I Was planning on leaving from Pokarah, however if your plans suit from Besisahar I am happy to accommodate. In addition I have thought more about a guide and it seems like the better option due to going in January. Happy to discuss further over email or PM if you like.


  3. Hi guys,

    How flexible are you? I’m planning to leave from Besisahar January 19th. Still ok for you?

    let me know,

  4. Hi Jacob & Anna,

    I’m a bit late in the game, but I’m also planning on doing the Annapurna Circuit right around the same time. I’m a solo traveler, but would love to trek with a group (both for sharing the experience and for safety). I plan to get into Kathmandu on Jan 6th. If it can work out, I’d love to join. Do you have concrete plans at this point?


    • Hi Humberto. I’ll be heading counter-clockwise from Besisahar on the 10th – or thereabouts. Arriving Kathmandu on 8th, admin and travelling on 9th. I’m keeping my eye on this thread in case we end up with a spontaneous mini-group or something. Might see you (all) on the trail maybe. Jase.

      PS – anyone bringing crampons and axe? I’m undecided.

  5. Hi Reka and Humberto,

    Anna and myself are toying with some other treks at this point, however the ACT is still not off the table, I will be in Pokarah on the 6/01 but will get back to you via this thread when have firmed something up.


    • Thank for the update, Jacob. Let me know if you two end up going with the Annapurna Circuit. I’d love to make it work!

    • Hey Jacob,

      I’m also looking to do the ACT, ideally with a start date between January 13th and the 17th. What does yours and Anna’s plan look like at the moment? I would love to join up if possible.