Annapurna Circuit Trek

Still in the early stages of planning. Hoping to do Annapurna Circuit Trek 27 March – 16 April. Dates are rough. I’m a little weary about going solo, but do not want to pay to trek with a company.



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  1. Hi Erin, I am hoping to do it at the time when you will be done. Will it be possible for you to do it starting the second week of April?

  2. Hello Erin! Im going to be in nepal around the same time! I have no specific plans but doing the annapurna trek is a must for me. Im getting into nepal on march 18th. Its a one way ticket and i plan to be in the country for a few months. Let me know if we could work somthing out

    • I’ll be getting into KTM around 28th April. What’s your plan!

  3. Erin,

    I plan on starting a trek around the 25th of March (dates still flexible) and going solo. If you’re flexible and have the possibility of starting a bit earlier, let me know.

    • Hello! I can’t start the trek earlier, thinking around 30th to start

    • Hi there,
      I am also looking to start the AC around the 25th! If you’re interested in a buddy and would like to make a plan, just let me know.


  4. Hey Erin, I’m in the same boat in terms of not wanting to go with a company but still wanting to do the trek. im planning on flying to ktm somewhere between March 18-25. Are you opposed to getting a guide? I feel like I’ve heard it’s good to support the local economy doing this and it might be cool to hear what a local (if they speak English) has to say about the area

    • Not opposed to getting a guide, I heard they’re great for getting the cheapest rates and have all the great info on the area! Plus I totally agree with supporting the local economy! It would also be cheaper to get a guide with more people. Sorry about the delay, I’m currently in India and wifi is spotty. I’m getting into Kathmandu around 28th or 27th April. Do you know when you’re coming in? And your budget, etc? So stoked for this trek!

  5. Hello Erin,

    I ll arrive on the 25th at KTM – let me know if you want to work out something !

    • Hello! My plans are still rough, I’m currently in India. Planning on getting into ktm around the 28th. What’s your plan for the trek?!

  6. Hello Erin,

    I am also planning to do Annapurna Circuit Trek but in April. Preferably from April 2 – April 17, in 16 days. Is it possible for you to make it on that week? This would be my second trip to Nepal. Last year i did ABC trek with friends but they are unable to join this time. I walk at a slow/moderate pace and would prefer low budget independent trip. I am friendly and would love to have a partner/team mates to share the wonderful experiences on the trail. Let’s see if we can make a plan together.


    • I could do 2nd of April! I have to be back in pokhara by 18th April. What’s your thought on guides? So great to hear you’ve done it before and want to keep a low budget. Let’s work something out! Apologies, I am currently in India and wifi is spotty. Should be able to respond more frequently now though! When do you arrive in Nepal?

  7. Nice to hear from you. I have a tentative trek plan of 12-13 days. From KTM to Bahundanda/Tal by bus. Trek starts from Bahundada/Tal and ends at Jomsom. From Jomsom will return to Pokhara by Bus. As I prefer low budget, I am not willing to take a guide. But we can consider that by sharing expenses.

    • I like it, I’m also trying to keep a low budget. When do you arrive in KTM? Do you mind if I e-mail you directly?

  8. Just joining this conversation as well. I arrive in KTM March 23 and would love to join a crew. I need to be in Takure April 12th but my timing is flexible since I’ll still be in Nepal until May 4th. I don’t really have a budget or a need for a guide unless it was split many ways. However I am interested in making my way to Upper Mustang if I can fit in my budget. Hope to chat more soon!

    • Awesome, David. You’re flexible with that April 12 date? I have to be in Pokhara April 18 but other than that I’m flexible. Should be arriving 27 or 28 March. Where will you be around that week? Do you have a tentative schedule for upper Mustang/how long is that trek?

  9. My guess is I’ll have left for the trek by the 27th but we’ll see how distracted I get in Kathmandu, as I’ve never been before.
    I think Upper Mustang adds 7-10 day.. My thought is to bus back from around the halfway point in the APC on my way back if I get cramped for time. I’d like to be back as close to the 12th as possible, though it’s slightly flexible if necessary. However, I am now getting messages stating that the permit price has returned to the steep 500$ per traveler with a minimum of 2 travelers. If this is the case when I arrive in KTM to get my permits, I probably will not be able to do the Upper Mustang trip. This will give me more time for side treks and complete the APC in its entirety. Please stay in touch!

    • Holy guacamole is that 500 American for the Upper Mustang? I’m in Rishikesh right now and don’t think I’ve paid more than two bucks for anything, that’s funny. Definitely wanting to do the whole Annapurna Circuit bussing from KTM. There’s another chicka on here wanting to start April 2, though I’m not sure how long I’ll want to hang around KTM before the trek, so I asked if she was flexible. Let me know if you’re flexible for the start and what you decide on the Upper Mustang!

  10. Will be in touch! I think I would only take the bus back if I did Upper Mustang. I can only do Upper Mustang if the fee ends up being closer to 100$. I do believe that’s American dollars based on what I have read but I am prepared to be pleasantly surprised when I go to get my permits. It does seem totally ridiculous but the fact that the region was totally closed visitors up until a few years ago makes it more believable. I have read in a few places that it’s incredibly improbable that you will get asked for a permit while out there but that the potential resulting criminal charges make it not worth the trouble. Plus the fees go toward preserving the land, supposedly.

  11. hi friends,
    I am starting exciting Annapurna Base Camp on trek 24th March from KTM , ending 9th April16 in KTM, as of now we are two friends, it is well crafted relaxed journey. Please let me know if anyone wants to join?


  12. Hi Erin,
    I’m going to arrive in Kathmandu on the 29th of March. I’d like to leave Kathmandu pretty quickly to go and do the trek. Let me know if that works for you.
    Cheers, Max

  13. H Erin,

    Will also be arriving in Nepal that sort of timeframe (land on the 18th). Pretty unrestricted in terms of timing – will be flying out of Nepal end of April.

    Laid back in general and not too bothered about pace etc. Message me if you’d be interested.


  14. hello all
    i am independent trekking guide . would u like to give to chance make your trip .

  15. Hi all,
    I am currently in KTM and planning on departing tomorrow morning to Besisahar to start the AC. I’d love a trekking buddy so if anyone is interested and wants to meet up, please let me know.


    • Hi Megan.
      I would join you, the thing is that i think it might be better to first go to pokhara and leave the luggage over there and then go to besishar and start the treck. Cause the trekk is gonna end up anyways in pokhara. What do you think?

  16. Hi again!
    Had to delete my account because i couldn’t add a profile pic! So i could join you after tomorrow Megan. Let me know.

    • Hi Dario,
      Thanks for you response! I think it would be out of the way for me to go to Pokhara first, and I have to come back to KTM for my flight anyways. I only plan on spending a day or two in Pokhara post trek, so I figure I’ll use what I have with me for those two days. Are you planning on being in Besisahar tomorrow? If so we could just meet there. Let me know.