Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi everyone, I arrive in Kathmandu on the 20th December and looking to depart for Pokhara/the Annapurna Circuit Trek soon after. If anyone is planning on the same then it would be great to have some company and to share the experience with people. Feel free to get in touch. ax



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  1. Hi Alexandra, I m planning to do the trek around the same time..if you are interested please contact

  2. I am planning to go around the same time, if you guys want to discuss sharing guides and details about gear, routes, we should get a group going.

  3. Hi guys, this is still very much my plan! All weather dependant and if the Thorong La Pass is still open (I’ve read that sometimes it is closed from mid-December). Great that you are planning to also trek the A-C at similar times. I would be very interested in starting a group. When do you both arrive in KTM? Are you happy to stay in Tea-houses along the trail etc? When would be your ideal start date? Look forward to hearing from you! Thanks A

    • Yep, tea houses and tibetan villages are part of the charm. I have not booked my tickets to KTM as yet, trying to find folks who want to do it at the same time – by dates are flexible (17-20) – i plan on being there around 10 days or so. Thinking of starting the trek in Chame – since the road goes atleast till there and I can cut 4 days from the trip. Probably will do the Chame to Nayapul route.

  4. Hey Guys, we will arrive in Kathmandu on 17th December Morning and collect the TIMS-ACAP permission on that day. Will start for Besishahar on 18th Morning. If everything goes well then finish our trek on 28th in Pokhara. Our group size is 3 (male) and looking forward to share the trek with some like minded people. Since it’s December so planning to go for a guide or porter. Let me know if anyone wants to join.

    Happy Trekking 🙂

  5. Hi just booked my flights into Kathmandu 20 Dec, hows all the planning going?Need to be back to Kat 2nd Jan.
    Have any groups got together yet?

  6. Myself and a couple from Australia are planning to leave KTM on the 21st and heading to Besisahar to start the circuit. Will anyone be working towards the same dates?

    • Hey! i’m getting to KTM on the 20th and hoping to start the 21st. I’m hoping to do EBC but if the flights don’t work out I’d love to join you guys on the Annapurna circuit. Do you have a guide or going at it solo?

  7. Hi, If I have time on 20th to get my permits, I could leave 21st, what time do you leave for Besisahar and by what transport?

  8. My flight has just been changed by my airline so now I arrive on the 19th so we may plan to leave on the 20th if all goes to plan but it depends on the permit office and the buses from that point on.. We are planning to get one of the first buses out of KTM to Besisahar on the 20th (or 21st depending)

  9. well keep in touch and Ill try and catch you up!
    If you want to avoid the traffic from Besisahar I believe there are buses/jeeps heading north but its quite a “dramatic” journey.

  10. Hey! I’m arriving the 20th as well and would love to get trekking either the 21st or 22nd. I am hoping to do EBC but if the flights don’t work out then I would love to do Annapurna with someone!

  11. NTB is open Sunday 20th for permits till 5pm but prob best to give a few hrs for the processing, Im hoping to take a bus to Besisahar next morning, so let us know how EBC works out
    Pack your thermals….I see Thorung La drops to -28C next week!

  12. I found out that the permit office is closed on Saturdays so I’m back to my original plan of leaving for besisahar on the morning of 21st.

  13. Hi Alexandra, as your a day earlier can you let me know what the situation is with the buses, I think there are a few different types, costs and journey times.

  14. Hi David, we got our permit today, a quicker process then I was expecting. On the buses front, we’ve been told to get to the new bus station for 7am and try, apparently they don’t keep to the timetable much. Have you landed? Are you still planning to leave tomorrow morning?

    • Hi I’m running a day late…will be leaving 22 nd, I’ve got a Nepal sim no 9818241227 anyway, but I’ll see if I can catch up…….is there still 3 of u? Cheers

  15. We don’t have a local SIM card but hopefully see you on the circuit. Yep, there’s 3 of us.