Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hey guys,

Due to my studies of peace and conflict I am going to spend several months in Kathmandu for an internship at a political foundation. My name is Nadja and I am from Germany, 24 years old. After spending three months in Kathmandu I would like to do the Annapurna Circuit Trek starting in July (or end of June). Therefore I am looking for trekking partners. I am a quite open-minded person and we can discuss any further details as I haven’t got a fixed plan by now. It’s going to be my first time trekking for several weeks.

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  1. Hi Nadja,
    I am also planning for ACT and would be interested. I don’t have any specific dates in mind, but around April/ May time frame. Let me know if your dates are flexible.

    I am flexible on route and services and can be discussed if dates match.

  2. Hey Nadja,
    I have been planning to trek the ACT in July or august, but have been reconsidering due to the fact that i heard its monsoon season, I have not exactly decided the trek routes and such and it will also be my first time trekking. I will be looking more into the ACT for the next couple of days and also possibly get some advice from people on trekking the ACT during Monsoon, and whether its a good idea. Let me know if you have more specific details on the dates that you intend to start the trek .

  3. Hey there,

    I also reconsidered my plans due to weather conditions. That’s why I wanna shift trekking the AC to May.

  4. Hey!
    From what I’ve heard May end is the perfect time to trek in Nepal. Please let me know if your dates are flexible. I thought of finishing my exams and trekking the circuit in May.

  5. Hi guys. I’m Miguel from Spain. I’m planning to do the AC trek between 7th July (landing in Katmandu) and 26 th July (flying to Indonesia). My purpose is to start on 8th July in any town jeep-accesible from Besisahar and to finish in Jomsom or similar to go to Pokhara by bus. I’m a little concerned with monsoon, but I think that is a good time to travel without multitudes walking the paths.
    I prefer to share the trek with 3 or 4 open mind people to improve our personal security and the oportunities of success (and fun).

  6. Hi!
    My name is Oliver, I am 23 years old and I am from Austria. I planned to spend around 21 days on the track, from end of June to middle of July but I am flexible. The general conditions of this trip sounds good. Is the trip still in planning or are there some fixed details?

  7. Hi all, my name is Fafa short from Faiza.
    Im planning to do trekking in Nepal from 2 to 14 July.
    I’ve been in contact with nepali native, and he can give price 20usd per day for guide/porter everywhere we can go.
    and so do you want to join in? we can share cost for the porter fee.
    well, message me if you’re in. have a nice day

  8. Hi Nadja and guys, I just arrived in Kathmandu and tomorrow I am getting the bus to Pokhara and planning to start the Annapurna Circuit Trek the in 2 days. I am experience in mountain trekking and will be happy to join you 🙂 more people more fun and I can cook if we camp. The weather is wet and most times will be 5-6 hours track per day from place to place so it’s very easy.

  9. Hey Nadja… Going to be on the trail around the same time. Probably a day or three ahead of you but will be in no hurry. Hopefully I’ll cross paths with your group.
    Happy trails…

  10. Hi Nadja,
    we are a coupe from UAE, will arrive KTM at 3rd July, can we join you in our first trek, our stay is for 12 days,
    you may contact us on whatsap at 00971555162211

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