Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi, First time travelling to Nepal and I’m looking for partners to do the Annapurna Circuit Trek from around the 08 th of December until the 24th roughly. Very flexible with dates , itinerary etc.



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  1. Hi Gary,

    I plan to do the Annapurna circuit and plan to land around 11th/12th and finish the circuit in 13-14 days. I have already contacted a guide-porter( for throng la and also to facilitate local interactions) and would be closing on the same soon. I have walked in the Indian part of Himalayas and so come with some experience. Let me know and we could team up. Best

  2. Hey guys,

    Could be interested in joining in on this? I fly into Kathmandu on 30th November……….I’m also quite flexible with dates but would not want it to be any later than the 8th.
    Let me know

  3. Hi guys,

    have you decided yet, when to start your trek? I fly into Kathmandu on 5th December and would like to start the Annapurna Circuit Trek soon after. As solo traveller I would be happy to meet other hiker. Let me know if I could fit in your plans.


    • Sabine, are you still looking for a partner? I am interested in leaving for the circuit on 9/12 from pokhara if those dates suit

    • Hi Rosie,

      sorry, I cancelled my flight. Wish you an amazing time in Nepal. Enjoy your time and travel safe.


  4. Hello fellow trekkers;
    If you’ve read the above post, me and Mitchell are planning to do the ABC trek starting 27th Nov. However if any of you guys wanna join; we can delay our trip by a few days.
    Mitch is gonna do the full ABC circuit which will last a month and I will only do the base camp and return within 2 weeks.
    Im from Nepal and ive done my research. I strongly advise you to start your trip as early as possible because the weather is much colder during Christmas time than it is up to mid December.
    If you can join us; please reply ASAP… if not; have a safe trip!
    And Welcome to Nepal!
    Asim Shakya

    • Hi Asim,

      thanks for the information. I’m still looking for other hikers to do the Annapurna curcuit but won’t be in Kathmandu before the 6th December. I guess that’s too late for you.

      So enjoy your trip and be safe.


  5. Hi Gary, thought I’d throw my hat in the mix, though unless you can convince me to change my flights I land on Saturday and have to shoot off again on the 14th. Absolutely no fixed plans in that time though so if it works i’m keen

  6. Hey everyone, Im getting into Kathmandu on the 1st and will be looking for people to trek annapurna from anywhere around the 7th of december (Im pretty flexible on dates), so if this works let me know and we can partner up!

    • Hey Chris – I’d be interesting in joining from around midday on the 9/12 from pokhara?

  7. Somebody decided to do Annapurna Circuit in this week??? i am available from 11/13 December because we will need about 17 days from KTM. Or ABC until 20/22 December. I am going to come back Spain 2 January.