Annapurna Circuit Trek


I’m Christof located in Austria in the middel of the Alps. I Plan a Nepal Trekking Trip on Oktober 2016 for arround 4 Weeks and i’m looking for some enthusiastic People to join with. Due to i live in the Middle of the Alps i quite Mountian experienced up to 3000m, allthought i don’t want to do the hole trek by myself, cause of new terrian, different land and so on. It would be great if someone has the same plan and we can share some days and experiences on the Trek together. 🙂



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  1. Hey Christof, it is still too early for me to be sure, but I am planning to do the circuit at around the same time. Would love to make it even more than two weeks, so that I can explore some interesting sights around the trekking route.

  2. Hi Christof,

    i bought my plane tickets yesterday 🙂
    so if everything goes well i’ll arrive 30 of Sept. in Kathmandu and take a bus or plane to Pokhara. I’m sure it will not be difficult to find same minded people along the trek but i also wouldn’t mind to have a partner to start with 🙂
    If you like we could skype maybe one day and see if we have kinda similar plans…

    I’m 32 and work in Stuttgart (Germany)
    over the years i have done couple treks trails all over the world and really looking forward to visit Nepal for my first time as well

    Felix 🙂

    • Hi Felix,

      Will be in Kathmandu on 30, heading to the trek on 3rd Oct. I’ve posted my plans on the ACT thread, let me know if you’re interested.

  3. Hi Christof, I will be in Nepal the entire month of October as well and am looking for a trekking partner. I did want to do the Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek because I heard it is less populated and more beautiful. Get back to mer if you’re interested in discussing plans. I already have a guide lined up as well.

  4. I am looking at tickets. I think I would fly out on the 1st of October, and probably aim for about four weeks. I was going to do Manaslu, like Curtis is keen to do, but now thinking it will be excessively difficult. I am very keen! 🙂

    • Hello, if you have any more thoughts on Manaslu I would love to discuss. Seems like nobody wants to do Manaslu just curious to why it would be excessively difficult, probably something I am missing.

  5. Hey Christof!

    I am currently looking for tickets for early October/end of September. I am aiming for about a 4 week trek. I am looking to find someone to start the trek with, My goal is to be in Pokhara around October 5. Looking forward to visiting this beautiful country!

  6. Hi Christof,
    looks like our timing and plans match up. Check out my posting for more detail on what I was thinking. I’m very interested in adding on an offshoot trek from the ACT into the Mustang Region.

  7. Hey Christof,
    I am up for anything I just want to trek, I have been to Nepal couple of times already but never trekked in Nepal .. I want to .. Let me know if there is still room

  8. Hi! I’ll be in Nepal during October and planning to do Annapurna Circuit. I’d like not to trek alone so it’d be great to join your team.