Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hello! I am thinking about doing the Annapurna Circuit trek for two weeks around the 10/11th of December returning before Christmas around the 23rd? I know it will be cold but wondered if there was anyone that wanted to join me. I am planning on not doing it with a guide and doing it as cheaply as possible! If anyone’s keen give me a shout 🙂 .



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  1. Hey Lutie,

    I plan to start on 11th but would like to take it a bit easy and finish by 24th/25th. I also want to do it on a low budget and may want to join force. 8 days might be a stretch here. Let me know and we could plan accordingly.

  2. Hi, I m planning around the same time..If interested please contact.

  3. Hi, I should hopefully be arriving in pokhara by the 11th, are you still going ahead with this?r
    If so would it be ok to join the group?
    No guide and cheap suits me down to the Himalayan ground!
    Let me know

  4. Hi,
    we are planning to trek AC from 18th, if anyone is starting on that day and want to join please give me a buzz. Our team size is 3 and want to do this as cheap as possible (with a guide or porter)

    Let me know

  5. Hi,
    I’m interested to trek AC and would like to join someone/a smal group and share a porter (or porter-guide which costs just a little more according to what I’m quoted). I’m in Thamel at the moment.

    Are you planning to trek the full circuit or take bus for part of it? The common estimated days seem to be between 17 to 21 days for that at the minimum, more if weather gets bad at the pass, so 13 days may be not enough? Just a thought 🙂