Annapurna Circuit Trek

My girlfriend and I are planning to Trek the Annapurna Circuit starting on the 9th or 10th October. We have not done the trip independently before but we were doing lots of research and think this will be fun to do without a guide. We thought it would be worth putting our plans out there in case there are others who would like to do the trek independently but don’t yet have anyone to do this with. We are happy to trek with anyone who’s friendly and fit. We don’t plan to race along the route as its good to appreciate the scenery, but at the same time, we are not slow trekkers so if it’s your plan to take a more sedate pace then we will probably not be the right people for you to trek with.

If anyone experiences any problems along the way with altitude sickness or similar then we are happy to stop an extra night somewhere until everyone in the group is fit to continue. We certainly wouldn’t leave anyone alone if one of us got into difficulty. We have a few days float in the plan for anything unexpected like this.

We are planning to stay at tea houses and guest houses along the way. We are trying to do things as cheap as possible but we can go up to $45 each a day if needed.



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  1. Hello, i would love to accompany you guys on your trek. My plane flys into Kathmandu on the 6th, this is my first time in Nepal.
    From there I was planning on doing the Annapurna Circuit ASAP. And then towards the the end breaking off to do the Manaslu Circuit. I am also an independent traveler and experienced backpacker who likes to be as frugal as possible.
    I am fit and do a lot of hiking and other gritty out door activities, I also enjoy a leisurely but brisk pace.
    If you would let me join you guys, I’d also appreciate the company.

    Enjoy your travels, Cheers!