Annapurna Circuit Trek

I’ll be in Nepal from 4-29 November.

Initially I was interested in the Upper Mustang trek but it’s a little over my budget so I’m planning to trek the Annapurna circuit independently – I like to allow for delays, acclimatisation days and maybe side trips as I’m not sure what to expect. You never know if there will be snow!

I’m creative (photographer/designer) and like a bit of adventure and think that’s something what would be nice in a trekking partner, but pretty open! Let’s meet up in Kathmandu 🙂



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  1. Make sure you have a good sleeping bag as first snow has arrived in Jomson. Temp at high camp will be about -12 c. Also get weather forcast in Manang for the pass.

  2. Hey Willy, I’m arriving in Kathmandu on Monday and was hoping to do the Annapurna Circuit independently as well! I would be down to meet up when I get into town to talk about possibly trekking together. Your photo project sounds cool as well, I also love photography and video and would to help out/contribute! Hope to hear from you,

    • Sounds great Aaron, if your still in Kathmandu on the 4th let’s meet up!

  3. Yeah sounds good I’ll get into Kathmandu tomorrow night and I’ll send you a message when I get into town

    • I just arrived – my luggage to come later today I hope. Let me know if you’re still around!

  4. Hey Willy I’m arriving in Kathmandu on the 5th also hoping to do the circuit with enough time for acclimatisation etc. Would be good to have some company along the way. Send me a message if you would like to chat more or meet up in Kathmandu!

  5. Hey guys! Sorry to bail on the trek but I’ve met some guys doing the Jiri-Ebc trek and I’m joining up with them, leaving on Saturday! Good luck on the Annapurna circuit! Safe travels!

    • Enjoy!

  6. Hey Willy i”m reaching Pokhara tomorrow 6th Nov and looking to do Annapurna Circuit trek independently…..will be good to do the trek together…..I’m looking to do the entire circuit for 18-20 days…….keep me posted on your plans…..

  7. Hi Willy. I arrived yesterday in Kathmandu and am now looking for a trekking partner either for Annapuna or Manaslu. I am a culture journalist from Berlin. If you are still in town we could meet Saturday. Best Juli

    • Hi Juli,
      On the trek already! Good luck finding someone and if not, likely to find others once on the trek (although it’s pretty nice and quiet :). Enjoy and perhaps we still bump into each other.

  8. Hi juli…I plan to start Annapurna circuit tomorrow…I’ll be reaching besisahar tomorrow morning at around 10 from pokhara….let me know if your keen …we can look to do the circuit together…I plan to do entire circut trek at a slow pace including side treks….keep me posted….I’m available on +9779802521187