Annapurna Circuit Trek

Setting out on the 11th of October, most likely from Kathmandu but possibly from Pokhara (I’ve been invited to a wedding on the 10th but it’s not entirely clear where exactly the wedding is).
Not flexible on date, sorry! 🙁

Will trek independently- no guide, no porter.
You should pack light and be prepared to do a fair pace (although definitely not extreme). I’m more of a walk-longer-hours-in-a-day person than speed hiker.

I want to do a shorter time trek- 10 days (+/-) from Bhulbule to Jomsom. Bus to Bhulbule and hike a couple hours the same day.

You should have your TIMS and AC registration card ready to go before the trek.

Also hopefully some experience hiking at altitude and not likely to get AMS. I spent the summer in Central Asia (Tien Shan’s, Pamirs, etc), with no problems. If you already have some recent acclimation it will help since we will be on a similar page.

I am 33 (will turn 34 on the hike! actually maybe at the pass, haha) and will be 7 months into a round the world trip. I am an acupuncturist who was before a musician full time. I am from America.

Hope you are interested!



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