Annapurna Circuit Trek

This will be our second trekking adventure in Nepal and I am very excited about it. We did the last trek to Langtang and it was fantastic. Right now, we are a team of two; just two brothers. I am a statistician working in public health research. My brother is also a researcher but his focus is on market research. We both love to share our experience and searching for few more tour partners.

My brother is a business graduate and he is interested on many topics ranging from literature to market research. He speaks French a bit, so if you like to teach French he would be a good student. If you are interested to learn about Bengali culture, he would the person you are looking for.

Although I am a statistics graduate, I have a crush on technology. History is very interesting but when it comes to history of physic then I would be the best listener. Since I have a 4 year experience on public health research, I also like to talk about it. I have a keen interest in photography. I don’t just like to take picture but also like to talk about it too.

If you are looking for some tour mates like us, why don’t you let us know. We would love to be travel with you to explore the beauty of Annapurna.

Das brothers



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