Annapurna Circuit Trek

I’m slightly flexible on a date to leave but am shooting for November 16th to start the Annapurna Circuit trek. I’m going to take a bus from Pokhara to Besi Sahar and hike that afternoon. I’m going to do the abbreviated version so I plan on trekking to Jomson (~12 days) and then renting a mountain bike and biking back to Pokhara (~1/2 days). I might add one extra day in there to visit Tilicho Lake, which I’ve heard is worth the detour. I trekked to EBC before this and had a fantastic time and am excited to get out there again! I’m easy going and am hoping to find like minded individuals to share the experience with. I’m fit and have a moderate/fast pace but don’t mind slowing down to smell the daisies either. I also plan on carrying some food as I’m trying to do the trek on a budget and without a guide



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  1. Hey Anna!
    I’m going to start the Annapurna circuit on the 19th of November. But it may be too late for you?

  2. Hi Hanna,
    I am also planning to trek Annapurna Circuit and lake Tilichicho. My plan is to commence on around 10 or 11 of November. I target to finish in 12-14 days. I want to do it independently in low budget. I want to do it in a small group.

  3. Hi Anna!!
    I’m planning to start the Annapurna circuit or the ABC, 16 or 17th Nov. I need to be back to KTM the 30th Nov, then your planning fits me. I’d prefer to go with a guide but we can discuss it.

  4. Hi Hanna,
    Just interested to know if you found a company who would organise the mountain biking back to Pokhara? love this idea but don’t fancy riding with a big back pack and wondered if an organised tour would deal with all that stuff.

    • Soren: I have heard from a friend that it’s possible and you can arrange a way to not have to carry bags as well, although it’s quite expensive for that mountain bike package.
      Jaio: Happy to hike with you although I’m quite set on not having a guide, myself… let me know!