Annapurna Circuit Trek

Haven’t nailed down all the details just yet, but I’m thinking of doing the circuit in 10-14 days (stopping at Mukinath) without a guide. Also thinking about taking my tent instead of sleeping inside teahouses. I’ll probably budget $20 a day to be safe. Looking for potential partners or even just someone to start the trek with, someone to catch up to, etc.



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  1. Hi
    Bob parkes from Northern Ireland
    Alun from Wales and i are doing AC
    We arrive in KMDU on evening of 5th oct staying at Elbrushome hotel. If interested in joining us email or meet at hotel.

  2. We have the same start dates~ Would you be interesting in sharing a taxi to Besi Sahar (the bus is kinda crazy)? Also, you seem way more pro than beginner me, but if for any reason I catch up to you in Manang, would you be open to crossing Thorung La together?

  3. Yes to both sharing taxi and going over the pass.
    Alun and i have hiked before and i am like you will fly out of jomsom.
    My advice is dont take a tent. It extra weight and tea houses are cheap.
    We should meet up at hotel elbrush home,check their web site.
    Have you been at altitude before?
    The start of the walk is on road anddit may be better to start a bit further up and spend more time higher up.
    Agree you need to go over the pass with others to provide back up should you get ACMS
    Robert Parkes

  4. One mistake i am arriving in Kathmandu on the 6th Oct and should be a hotel about 7pm.
    On 7th oct have to get Trimm and annap permit.

  5. Hey- do you still plan on hitting the trail Oct 5 ?

    • No hitting it on 8th oct.
      Hope petrol problems sorted in nepal by then

    • Yes I am!

  6. Hey guys! I’m planning to start the trekking on the 5th as well. I’m now in pokhara and I will stay here until the 3rd then 2 days in besisahar and start. I’m independent as well.

  7. Hi guys! I start the a.p. trekking as well on the 5th of october. Today arrived in pokhara, maybe we can meet? Or meet at Besi Sahar? It will be nice to cross the pass together or even earlier and start together this Monday!

  8. Ride share to besi sahar and avoid the 12 hour jollopy bus ride? Anyone interested?

    • Allready arranged my bus. Leaving 6.30 from pokhara. You go from pokhara as well? Where do we meet? At besi sahar around noon?

    • Did u went to besi Sahar already or still at Kathmandu?

  9. I’m coming from Kathmandu so it’s a lot further away than from Pokhara. I’m hoping to get there by noon and mainly/ideally on one of those “I can do it!” self-journey standpoints I want to see if I can do this own my own, at least try to manage to a certain point and I’ll buddy up there for the pass. we can update where we’re at and meet up along the way. I’ll be the one with the ink blue Gregory deva backpack with hot pink piping. Best of luck and hope to run into you!