Annapurna Circuit Trek

Looking for a guide and/hiking partners to tour the Annapurna. although have some trekking experience in Nepal, Canadian and American Rockies as Well an in Canada’s Yukon I’m looking for a fairly easy going trip. I do not plan on using a porter (for myself) but I’m not close to the idea. I packed as light as I could, but I still cary 10lbs or so of camara gear, so that will make me a lot slower.

The idea is to enjoy the trek, the scenery, villages, tea houses, local culture, and to take lots of photos—yes, that means slower again 😉 Side trips along the way would be great if time allows it. I’m not too concern how far we make it too, or where we start the trek, but I have about 22 days and must make it to Kathmandu for the 16th of October. I know we can fly out if need be. That said, I’m no novice, just guy in vacation who want’s to snap good shots in good companies.

So if you happen to be a photographer, and worry about being a burden for your partners, I’m, your guy!



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