Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi people! I’m Nani and I’m 30. I’m travelling on my own around north India and Nepal and I thought to do some trekking in Nepal. Some contacts from Kathmandu agrees that this trekking is one of the most beautifull to do so I’m planning to do the Annapurna Circuit from Pokhara, starting in Besi Sahar and finishing in Naya Pul. I would like to spend around 21-22 days but I’m flexible. The only important thing is to do it pacefully, withouth haste. Not to forgot that we’re here to enjoy. Enjoy the nature, the places, the people. I’m thinking also that would be a good idea to have a reliable guide to know more about the zone. I would like to do this trekking with some open-minded, nice and friendly persons to enjoy the way together! I think that’s all for the moment, we are in touch people!



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  1. Hi Nani – my name is Carey. I am also planning on trekking the AC and want to find some other people to share the trip with. I’m planning on going Oct 11-Oct 28. I have to get back home by the end of the month, so I can’t go longer. I also think a guide would be a good idea. Let me know what your plans are!

    • Hi Carey! cool! I hope to be in Nepal 1 or 2 Oct., so is not a bad idea start the trekking on 11 Oct. If you want we can speak about that by email?? or facebook or whatever… bye!

  2. Hello again – I purchased my plane tickets and I’m planning on starting my trek on Oct 12. I’m going to hire a guide and a porter, and the itinerary that I have will take me on a 14 day trek. I’m not sure if you want to trek with a guide or not, but I’m going to use one mostly so I can learn more about the people and geography/history of Nepal. Let me know if you’re still interested. If you don’t want a guide, then we may just meet up on the trail!

    • Hey guys! I’m getting into Kathmandu on the 9th Oct and would love to do the Annapurna trail with some like minded people 🙂 I have no time limit either so am keen to do lots of exploring so if you guys are still doing it around that date I’d love to join, not sure if that’s long enough to sort out permits though…. Jo 🙂

    • Hey guys ?? Are you already in Kathmandu? I arrived today 🙂 .
      Why don’t we meet ? I am planning to start the trek in the next couple of days… did you already hire a guide or porter? If we are more than one the prices get much cheaper and the experience more fun 😉 !!

  3. Hi Fernando. Are you still looking for a group? Cause so am I 🙂 Let me know your plans, maybe we can figure something out.
    Cheers Steffen

  4. Hey fernando!i am also doing the Annapurna circuit and would love to take my time while wandering around 🙂 so 21 days is the perfect time planing 🙂 I will be in pokhara before going to besi sahar ….when do you want to start?

    • Ey kathrin!! Im nani , are you in pokhara? Take my facebook, we are planning to start next tuesday: nani romero vieira (facebook)

  5. Hello Everybody !!!
    I just arrived in Kathmandu and I am planning to do the Annapurna Circuit Trek in the next days! I am travelling alone and I am looking for some partners to share this amazing experience !!!! I have no time limits and I am very flexible ! As it seems we are few looking for partners why don’t we join and go together ?
    Cheers, Stella

    • Hi Stella – I am getting into Kathmandu tomorrow (oct 10) and will be starting the Annapurna circuit from Pokhara on October 12. I have a guide and a porter already hired but if you would like to join, the guide says that’s fine. For me alone the price is $850ish. With you too it may be a little less. The trek will be 15d. Let me know!