Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi everyone! I arrive in Kathmandu on May 6th, and will be departing on May 29th. I am very open to ideas for different hikes to do if it works with someone else’s schedule. Looking to do anything that is ideally two weeks or a bit more. My mind is on Annapurna Circuit, but open to anything else. I was looking forward to doing this trek without a guide, but with the new laws, I won’t have that choice. So best if I can find a partner or a few to share the cost and experience! Let me know what you think.



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  1. Hi Amanda! 🙂 I am in Nepal since 11th of April and am staying until the 24th of May. I am just coming back from the Manaslu circuit and feel like doing another trek! 🙂 I would be happy to be your trekking companion and share a guide’s cost. Here is my WhatsApp: +31643871515.

  2. Hi Amanda, Coralie,
    I land in Kathmandu on lunchtime of May 7th and will be doing the Annapurna circuit as soon as possible.

    I am travelling solo and keen to join up with/create a group. I have until May 26th when I travel home.
    Reasonably experienced and hiked in Pakistan (karakoram) last year.

    My WhatsApp is 00447795816262


  3. Hi everyone! Sounds good! I’m already in Pokhara and would love to start the Annapurna circuit Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Would be great to go together! My WhatsApp is +31627974457