Annapurna Circuit Trek

Very loose and open plan here, basically hoping from my research that if we obtain our TIMS card and start our trek before the 1st of April, then we won’t require a guide.
I plan on being in Pokhara from the 29/30th, anyone want to join forces on this trip.
Fyi, I’m a lighthearted individual and would probably aim to do the trek on the longer side of average as to not risk altitude sickness, especially as we won’t have a guide.



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  1. Hey,Laurence,hows going,Im Meimi from Bulgaria.Ill be hiking anapurna circuit aswell,but ill be in KTM on 28th evening and i contacted a cs and maybe will travel with Mac to Besisahar,from there idk ill be counting with Mac because hell be with jeep to Chame…i still dont have my permits and looking for someone to make them for me,because i heard after 25th solo hikers will be not able to have them…But ill figured out.Anyway if you like to we can meet ut and maybe hike together?

    • Hey Meimi, sorry for the late reply I’m currently traveling in India and I’m leaving for Katmandu today. Is Mac someone else you’ve met on this app? If so the more the merier. Please email me at
      Speak soon, Laurence

  2. Hi Laurence, hope you are well.

    I’m also interested in doing Annapurna circuit without a guide, I may be able to get to Pokhara for tomorrow (30th of March). I sent you an email explaining my situation in more detail.