Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi guys!

I’m Matias and im currently looking for partners for the Annapurna Circuit. Planning to depart anytime this week (potentially somewhere between sep 15 to 19). Starting from from KTH and potentially ending in Pokhara (flexible on this but would love to chill out there a couple of days after finishing the treck)

Planning on doing it with a trekking agency (guide, acomm, food included). Already made some research and have an agency in mind which seems to have quite a good reputation. I’ve already contacted them but still haven’t closed anything yet, so there’s space for some flexibility.

From what i’ve seen online looks like the cost would be somewhere around US$800.

Please let me know if you would be interested! Maybe we could go for a beer or something early this week, see if our plans match, we “click” and move forward.

About me I’m Peruvian 🙂 , in my late 20’s, love to meet new people, enjoy the journey and have interesting conversations over a good meal (and/or a cold beer!) after a nice day in the outdoors. I’ve done several short trecks (up to 4 days) spanning different alttitudes (up to 4300 meters above sea level) back in my country… but never something so long and above 5000 meters so i’m looking forward for the challenge! If you are up for ir don’t hesitate to hit me up.

Best of wishes!



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