Annapurna Circuit Trek

I’m going to do the Annapurna circuit trek in August 22, would be best to start around 15th. I’m considering the Annapurna base camp trek as well. Dates are flexible. 15-20 days.
I’m going to do it with a guide as it’s my first time there.
Not professional trekker but I did Camino de Santiago.



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  1. Hi! I was initially considering the Annapurna circuit but I heard that they’ve built a road along most part of the trail, which is a shame. Am therefore more keen on the manaslu circuit. Unfortunately I am not able to take 20 days off work to do the ACT and manaslu.

    While I’ve done a couple of hikes in Europe, I’m not terribly experienced either so I would likely be getting a guide.

    • I’ve heard about this road. I will check the manaslu circuit too, but this time of the year I would prefer Annapurna or Everest as these destinations are very popular and there is a good chance to do one of these treks with no crowd in August.
      Do you know the exact dates of your trip?

  2. That makes sense. Well I have not booked the trip yet but I’m planning to start the hike on 12/13 august and will fly out on 26 or 27 August.

    • Hi Xin, pretty late to the game but have you booked your trek yet?

  3. Hi Everyone,

    Let me join in to see if my plans could fit with yours. I am arriving in Kathmandu on 28 July and planning to set off on 30 or 31 July. I have also heard about the Annapurna Circuit road. At first, I considered the Annapurna Circuit or Base Camp, but, checking out the information online, the Three Passes Trek and EBC seem to offer more magnificent views. I plan to take a bus from Kathmandu and start trekking at a lower altitude, working my way up to Lukla and acclimatizing on the way. If I don’t find any trekking partner, I will probably make it only to the Everest Base Camp. But if I were lucky and found someone who would be up for the Three Passes loop, I would be thrilled to take up the challenge. I will be staying in Nepal for 30 days, so I have some wriggle room timewise, but the sooner I start trekking after my arrival, the better.

    The beaten treks are said to be well marked, so I don’t intend to hire a guide. However, I might consider pooling and hiring a guide for safety reasons at a higher altitude.

    Do let me know if you would like to try to team up.



    • Hi, Emma!
      I think I will go to the Everest Base camp eventually. I would prefer to start on 14th or 15th of August and finish around 30th.
      I am going to do it with the guide for the safety reason as you said. It’s my first time there and it’s a bit scary to go without a guide.

  4. P.S. I have already got a map for the EBS and Three Passes Trek 🙂

  5. Namaste!
    Hi every one
    I am professional trekking for so many years
    So if you doin annapurna circuit trek . I have tips for everyone please do extra week Nar pho which is the best trip
    You only Ned 4 days extra for life time experience
    Is one of the isolated valley which like as western Tibet don’t miss it
    If you need some information j
    Please drop me line

  6. Hi Alena,

    I would be happy to team up with you if you were interested and if we could agree on dates that would be convenient for both of us. Let me explain what my plan is to see how you feel about it.

    Starting on the 14th is a bit too late for me, since I am arriving in Kathmandu already on the 28th of July, and I have only 28 days in Nepal. Although the EBC trek takes only 12 days, I also consider the Three Passes Trek, which takes between 19 and 21 days. I consider trekking to the Everest base camp first, and on my way down taking a detour crossing the three passes and possibly seeing one of the Gokyo lakes, but only if I feel confident I can do it. As the Three Passes trail is challenging and over 5000 metres, I would be happy to get a guide for the passage above 4500 m. I have watched uncountable videos on the EBC, and there are many trekkers giving useful tips on how to do the EBC without a guide, so I am not that much worried about that. I have a map, and people say that the trek is well marked.

    I also consider teaming up with someone I meet on the trail if I am lucky to come across a fellow hiker. People tend to team up, but there won’t be that many people. I am not very keen on hiring a guide for the entire trek. I went to Peru last Christmas and did the Salkantay trek in a group because I was scared of the altitude and the unknown. It was my first time hiking at high altitude (I went up to 5000 m). I can see where you are coming from. Of course, I worry too, yet I try to relativise my fear and research information because I like to be autonomous. My experience in Peru was a test to see how I would cope with the altitude. All went well for me, apart from getting fed up with the trekking company because I was being told what to do all day long, forced to take breakes when I didn’t feel like it, etc. On the last two days, I left the group behind, hiked on my own and enjoyed it much more!

    I consider catching a bus or a jeep from Kathmandu and starting to trek at a lower altitude (not flying directly to Lukla). I would like to hang around in the mountains at a mid-range altitude (3000-4000 m) until I feel confident I am aclimatised. This worked well for me in Peru. I got a 4-5 days of aclimatisation after going from 0 to 3400 m (a flight), which is quite a blow. Flights to Lukla often get cancelled, even more so during the rainy season. I don’t feel like camping for 2 days at the airport and paing 360 euros for a round trip while not being sure I will get to fly at all. People then tend to hurry up hiking and that is the best way to get sick! So, a bus for a fraction of a cost and time to aclimatise make more sense to me, which, however, extends the trek by a few days. Also, having some wriggle room allows extra days of rest in case of not feeling well.

    So, these are my reasons for why I wouldn’t feel happy about setting off on the 14th. Tell me about yours. Why would you like to start trekking on the 14th? Is it because of rain? Or have you also booked a flight already? How do you feel about spending more time in the mountains?

    As for the rainy season, having some extra wriggle room might be needed. Apparently, it rains mainly in the afternoon and at night. I was worried at first, but people say it is duable. The key is to get up early and stop hiking by noon. Apparenly, this also helps to minimise the risk of coming across an avalanche. There are so many tips online!

    Let me know what you think. If you insist on starting to trek on the 14th, we might meet up at some point somewhere on the trail 🙂



  7. Hi! I’m also planning on doing EBC at the 15th of august! I wanted to combine it with the Gokyo Lake. Let me know what your plans are! 🙂

    • Hi Eline!
      I have booked my trip already, I’m arriving in Kathmandu on 15th Aug and starting the trek on 18th. I’ve booked a guide and we are going to this lake too. The trek will take 15 days. Would you like to discuss it via WhatsApp or by email?

  8. Ah you can text me about it? ‪+977 980‑8662643‬

  9. Hi Alena, I’m also looking to do a trek in Nepal in august. I’m a novice hiker but I did complete EBC in 2019 and super excited to go back to do another hike. We are the same age so it would be great to connect with you 🙂 My dates are flexible as I’m taking time off work to do some travelling. Let me know if you would like to discuss further.

    • Hi, Navi!
      I am going to the EBC trek eventually, I have booked the tickets already, arrive at Kathmandu on 15th August and start the trek on 18th. It would be nice to join with you but probably you don’t want to do the same trek again…

  10. HI Alena

    I’m planning to do Annapurna on 19-Aug to 02-Sep-22. I too need a guide and close to booking one.

    Pls msg me if you are intrested in tagging along. I have done quite a few trips in the Himalayas.


  11. Hey..I will reach Pokhara tomorrow evening and plan to start the trek to Annapurna base camp from 13th..I have done few treks in Himalayas but am not a professional