Annapurna Circuit Trek

Namaste, I am Mar from Barcelona.
I am planning on hiking the Annapurna Circuit Trek around October-November 2022. I am looking for hiking partners for this awesome adventure.
I am in good shape and will train for the challenge. I plan around 20 days for the whole hike and sleep in cheap teahouses.
We can discuss the details!



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  1. Hola Mar! I am Ines, from Belgium and will arrive to Nepal the 2nd October! I want to do the Annapurna Circuit as well as the Three passes trek in the Everest region. I don’t want a guide or porter but think it would be nice to hike with a group of friends, and safer too! I would love to get in touch!

    • Hey Ines!!
      It is so good to receive your text!
      I completely agree that is safer and nicer to hike together with other people, I would love to talk more about it!
      Can I talk to you about further details through Whatsapp or Instagram maybe?

  2. Hey Ines!!
    It is so good to receive your text!
    I completely agree that is safer and nicer to hike together with other people, I would love to talk more about it!
    Can I talk to you about further details through Whatsapp or Instagram maybe?

    • Hey!! Yes, good idea! Here is my whatsapp: 0033478737378 or my IG: inesdehaven . Looking forward to talk!

  3. HI Mar,

    My name is Miguel from Tenerife. I am planning to do the Annapurna Circuit in October/November. I will be arriving in Kathmandu around the 10.10. It would be great to find a group to it with. I would love to get in touch!

    • Hi Miguel,
      Together with a friend we were initially planning to arrive to Kathmandu a bit later, 21.10. We are looking for companions 🙂 Have you arranged your plans already?

    • Hi,
      I will be arriving with a friend in Kathmandu on the 14.10.
      if you want to plan together you can contact me through whatsapp:

  4. Hi Mar and Ines,
    I was planning to start alittle later, yet I can join you.
    I can plan to arrive 2nd Oct also.

    • What’s app +44 7821508858

  5. Hi Mar, Ines and Paul

    I also plan to start between 28/09 and 02/10/2022 for the Annapurna Circuit. I would like to complete the trek in about 20 days without guide or porter. Looking forward to join a motivating and open-minded group. Feel free to contact me on Whatsapp (+41793853512).

  6. Hi Matthias,
    I’m starting to think more into this trip.
    I’m flexible on start dates as long as I return to Kathmandu on 23rd October to depart for a rafting trip!

  7. Hi Mar,
    I have flight booked and ready to start fro. the 1st Oct.

  8. Hi Mar,
    I am interested in going Annapurna, but was leaning toward going next year. I would be interested in talking with you about it and possibly going this year. If I decide to wait until next year, I would definitely like to hear about your trip.

    • Hi Denise,
      Have you decided on a year? 🙂 Together with a friend we were initially planning to start later than Mar, arrivint to Kathmandu around 22nd of Oct. We are looking for companions 🙂

    • Hi Katerina,
      As tempting as it is for this year, I am going to wait until April. I have things scheduled for this coming October that I can’t put off at this point. I am salivating over flights as I’m fishing google flights for deals.

  9. Hi Mar,

    I am going to be in October in Nepal and want to do Annapurna as well. I am arriving on the 6th and would love to join a group.
    I am Peruvian and have done some trekking in the Andes.

    • Hi Liani,
      Paul and I will depart from Kathmandu on the 2nd, if you manage to arrive earlier than the 6th.

  10. Hi Everyone,

    May I join in your conversation on (on whatsapp) the Annapurna Circuit trek plan, so that I could also join if I could manage the inbetween time?

    Looking forward to hear from you.


    • Hi,
      What are your preferred days Navaraj? 🙂

  11. It seems that I will be free after 20th Sep, hence open to any dates for remaining Sep and for the month of Oct if any obstacles does not come in between. FYI I am tour & trekking guide based in Kathmandu, Nepal (rescently licensed), hence want to complete this trek for exploration and later to take clients by own..

  12. Namaste Mar
    My name is Barbara and I am planning to do the Nar Phu trek departing early October. I am looking for somebody either to join or at least be willing to help with the special permit. As it is just of the Annapurna circuit and your trip seems to attract a lot of interest I was wondering if you might be willing to help me out. Could we talk more about it?
    I did the Annapurna circuit in 2018 and it is amazing! It is not necessary to do it with a guide but nice with like minded people.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

  13. 20M from Australia, I plan to start from Besisahar on the 29th/30th of September, trekking for around 20 days. looking for people to join me whilst I trek!

  14. Hi Kieran, how flexible are you? We start on 2nd of October.

  15. Hi Mar!
    I’m Marina, from Barcelona also. I’m interesting in join a group to do de Annapurna circuit. I read the answers and I’m not sure what are you going to start. If it’s possible contacte me by WhatsApp to know more details. My telephone number is +34 687245863.
    Thank you!

  16. Hi! Mariska, from the Netherlands and I am also interested for joining a group to walk the Annapurna circuit (including tillicho and other side trails). Thinking around 3-6 october, but also flexible. So hopefully it is possible to join in your conversation?

    • Hey! I’m arriving 3 of October in Kathmandu and also interested in annapurna. Would love to find some people to share the experience. Can you give me some more info about the plans in the meantime. I see different dates in this chat. Thanks!