Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hey, Namaskar

I’m James 32, from Bristol in the U.K. I’m looking for someone to do the Annapurna circuit with in early March, no guide/groups. Will be staying in tea houses.

I’m pretty flexible about which routes to take and don’t need to rush it. I’m a very easy going/respectful person and like a good laugh 🙂

Give me a message if your thinking of doing something similar and up for a fun adventure!



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  1. Hi James,
    I’m Juliette and I’m French, I’m looking to do the same trek that you but I will arrive in Nepal the 7 or 8th March so maybe it’s to later for you to plan something together. I really want to do a trek but I’m can’t to do that alone so I need to find a somebody great to do this together and share an amazing adventure! (I’m a good walker, I did the saltankay trek in october and dolomites in june so normally I can do this!^^)
    I saw a blog of people who did this trek on only 11 days and I was thinking to do the same. What is your plan?

    • Hi Juliette

      I was planning to start earlier, around the 1/2/3rd of March. Doing it in 11 days would also probably kill me!

  2. Hi !
    Ahah no problem! Good trek to you!
    (It will be a shortly road ^^, I don’t want to kill anybody )

    • Thanks, you too!

  3. Hello! My name is Alba and I’m from Spain. I’m travelling in Asia since september 2021, currently in India. I will arrive in Nepal on 3rd March, and I was planning to do some trekking around Annapurna for 2 weeks. Don’t have a fixed plan yet, but want to do it without guide, and staying in cheap places. I’m flexible with the routes and the times!

    • Hi Alba

      I have arranged to go for the 1/2 March now. If it doesn’t work out and you are still looking for someone, I’ll give you a message! 🙂

    • Hi Alba! Would you be interested in starting the trek around the 15th of March? Maybe we can go together

  4. Hi! I also want to do this trek! My name is Vera and im from the Netherlands. I will be arriving on Monday in Nepal. I think starting around the third will be great for me. So maybe we can go together? 🙂

    • Hi Vera, sorry for the late reply!
      My plans have now changed and I am no longer doing Annapurna and leaving for Langtang tomorrow. I will take the post down. Hope you enjoy your time in Nepal 🙂