Annapurna Circuit Trek

hi there,

My brother and me are planning for a Annapurna Circuit Trek starting from 24 Sep this year. Our plan is to complete it within shortest possible time. can you suggest what would be the duration to look into for this? and if you’re interested in joining us, feel free to connect.




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  1. Hello Rathin,

    I am planning to do this trek around the same date with another friend. Can you please give me a split of this cost and other details.


  2. hi Sneha,

    Sorry for being late. The cost mentioned here is a very rough estimation. My friends informed that Annapurna Circuit would be comparatively less expensive than Langtang region, which I trekked in 2013. from our experience, we have considered on average Nepali Rs. 2,500 per day including meal and accommodation. which for 11 days would sum approximately to US$ 350. and a porter, for annapurna trekk (guide is not needed at all) would charge roughly US$300 for the entire 11 days, dividing which among 3 would bring it down to US$100 each.

    one of our team mates dropped, hence now my brother and I are going. If you still are interested, please feel free to drop me a line at